homemade Christmas food gift ideas + friday links

Need some ideas for holiday gift giving?
I truly believe giving homemade food gifts are the best.
Here are a few of mine and below are a few from other food bloggers.

coconut cream truffles

espresso bars
espresso bars

peppermint cream melt-away bars

eggnog crumb cake (bundt style)

espresso-chocolate butter creams

homemade peppermint Nestle crunch bars

cheez it bark
cheez it bark

pb twix bars!

gingerbread crumb cake

cinnamon spice & everything nice cookies

pumpkin butter crunch bars

cookie butter cream cheese truffles

IMG_1715 (1)
sea salted cookie butter caramels

ginger peanut caramel chews
ginger-peanut chews

cheddar & cranberry cookies
cheddar-cranberry crackers

smoked gouda & walnut shortbread
smoked gouda & walnut crackers

other DIY holiday foodie gifts:

DIY homemade 'everything' butter logs
scandinavian snowball truffles
cowboy cookies
mulling spices
english chocolate crisps
limoncello liqueur
raspberry cordial
chocolate covered pink peppermint patties
homemade chai tea concentrate
german egg liqueur
fruitcake truffles
norwegian almond bars
cranberry salsa
peppermint fudge bites (dairy free)
clean eating popcorn seasoning
maple sriracha nut mix
eggnog truffles
rosewater-pistachio marshmallows
lemon-chili olives
honey-almond loaves
mexican rice pudding
golden gingerbread with hard sauce

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I just wanted to say that I look forward to your Friday links every week. They are my Friday night reading! Thanks so much. Your DYI goodies look delicious. I bookmarked the cheez-it bark, making it next weekend. Enjoy your weekend and stay warm on the Cape! I'm in Long Island and know what coastal chilliness feels like. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. So many yummy recipes with fab pictures. I am now officially starving. But I'm going to have a bowl of oatmeal instead of stuffing my face with homemade candy.

  3. I love receiving food gifts! I have enough "stuff" that regular presents are just kinda meh these days. But food is always welcome! And you have some wonderful ideas. As well as some terrific links to explore. Thanks.

  4. Wow, I'd love to receive any of these as gifts! And, now I need to make an Eggnog Crumb Cake. I have to have that.

  5. You are making me hungry. My mom often brings food gifts, my favorite being chocolate covered apricots and NYC bagels. I usually bring book gifts.

  6. I knew I liked Southern Comfort eggnog for a good reason. Here's proof!
    Excuse me, missing brains? WTF?
    Going slightly gold re makeup is right. Someone told me a few years ago and I always do it when I go out at night. Don't bother with anything but eyeliner and lipstick during the day though.
    I rarely give food gifts. My list is way shorter than it used to be anyway and there is a fab specialty store in Palm Beach that has killer food items, much better than I could make. Use those for hostess gifts etc. Did enough cookie and candy cooking for some of my garden, book and antique club Christmas parties.
    Have a great Christmas, Dawn. Sorry I have been lax about visiting.

  7. All of these look so yummy. I want to try them all. This post is absolutely tempting.
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