coconut cream truffles

I was shocked at how fast my coconut truffles got very popular around the web and food blogging world.
It all started with a post on Pinterest and "boom" did that take off.
Those coconut truffles alone got over 1 million hits!
I love that I have a lot of coconut fans.
I've always wanted to try and do a coconut cream like truffle.
But I wanted a thick cream not a liquid filled truffle--I don't like many liquid filled truffles UNLESS
it's Champagne or rum.
You know how some liquid truffles are just either too sweet or taste like Nyquil?
Yeah, I hate that.
What is the best truffle you had?
My favorite truffles are the kind that have the highest levels of cocoa in there so that when you bite into your chocolate craving is satisfied for a month. (Oh, and a little bit of texture is good too--always have to have texture in a truffle).
Or top with crushed almonds!
Speaking of truffle fillings---why not try adding a touch of rum to the filling?

coconut cream truffles

8 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
14 ounces of toasted coconut (you don’t have to toast it, but it does taste much better)
8 ounces white chocolate chips
hefty pinch of sea salt
large crushed toasted almonds (about ¼ to ½ cup, depending on how nutty you want it), optional

10-14 ounces of semisweet chocolate for dipping truffles
(you can use whatever chocolate you like for dipping, but milk chocolate was just too sweet)
*save some of the toasted coconut for decorations (about ¼ or less cup), optional

Cook notes:  I did not crush my almonds I wanted them whole.  But feel free to do as you wish or no nuts at all.  You can also coat these truffles in white chocolate. I tried using milk chocolate, but for me it was too sweet so I stuck with semisweet.  Feel free to use what chocolate you prefer.

I don’t have a mixer, so I mixed this by hand, but if you have a mixer, then mix the cream cheese until creamy; set aside.

Melt the white chocolate chips and the cream cheese over a double-boiler.  You’ll need to stir this a lot as it’s heating up.  Once it’s all combined add in almost all the toasted coconut, the hefty pinch of salt, the almonds, and mix well. 
(Remember; do not add in all the toasted coconut if you want to decorate the tops of the truffles: save less than a ¼ of a cup or an 1/8 of cup?)
Spread into an 8x8 or 9x9 glass or ceramic dish. 
Cover dish with plastic wrap and chill for several hours.
(I left mine in fridge for two nights and it was fine).
When ready to mold the truffles, take dish out, let it come to almost room temp or you can try rolling out at any time; it might need about 20 minutes to be workable.
Scoop chocolate out with a spoon, melon ball size scoop (this is what I used, in photos).
Roll chocolate mixture into balls, place in bowl/plate and chill for a few minutes while you get your dipping station set up.
I highly suggest using semi-sweet and white chocolate for dipping.
Milk chocolate was just too sweet.
If you want to coat the tops of the truffles with toasted coconut, make sure to do so when the truffles are still wet.
If your kitchen is warm, then place truffles in fridge to set up a bit.
Depending on how big or small you make them, you should get between 20- 30 truffles.

Keep them in an air-tight container for a few days.


  1. YUM. These look super addictive. :)

  2. They look insanely good! Pinning!

    And yes too sweet or tasting like Nyquil. That is a perfect way to put it with most truffles!

    And isn't it crazy how some of our older posts are the ones that bring in tons of hits! I have a post for cookie dough balls from 2009 that's my #1 post, ever. It actually ties and flip flops with...a smoothie. Always interesting what people click on, isn't it.

  3. I can't make these...I will eat them all ;) I am making your PB bars tonight!! <3 ya

  4. A million hits???Good gracious!!! These looks one million hits good!

  5. I love truffles and prefer the inside to be creamy too. Recently I made some dark chocolate nutelle cherry truffles that were pretty awesome :) These coconut cream truffles sound incredible and my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  6. Oh, yes - please!! Cream-filled truffles are The best. How were you able to snap photos? I'd eat several each time something had to be adjusted - they'd be gone in a matter of minutes. :D

  7. yipes---I need these in my life right now. Pinning as we speak, let's see if you can get another million hits!

  8. My heart just skipped a few beats. Do you even KNOW how into chocolate and coconut i am right now?!

  9. oh wow, i do love my coconut. these might even beat your last version!!

  10. I'm with you - even smoked almonds would be KILLER good in these.
    Sounds really weird, but the flavour contrast is such a pop in your mouth.
    It's just perfect!

  11. Good Lord woman. You have me drooling ONCE AGAIN. Coconut is my weakness and you have no idea how badly I want a dozen of these beauties.

  12. i can't get enough coconut, and it just so happens to be at its best with chocolate and almonds!

  13. i totally am making these, stat. delish. did you know they sell coconut almonds??! coconut overload there :)

  14. I made these and they were a hit! I thought they were a bit too sweet, but everyone loved them (I probably just ate too many while baking them). I only had 1/4 bag of coconut, so I used 1/2 roasted salted almonds which I crushed, added 1/4 tsp or so of almond extract and it turned out great. Would definitely recommend semi-sweet or dark chocolate to cut the sweetness a bit. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. the almond extract mixed with the white chocolate I bet made it so sweet.
      next time try it without the almond extract and see what happens


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