friday links

Happy Friday kids!
Christmas is next week!
Who knew?
Are you ready?

Images from around my cape cod world.....




No more bare feet for a while....

Blessed to live with such beauty....


I love hanging with these guys....

And I love hanging with these guys too...they are waiting on chum scraps from the boats.

Waiting for my lunch scraps....

This took about 4 minutes.

My own personal Christmas shopping got done. Progress.

I know! I know!

around the web:

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has anyone tried "oil pulling" for teeth? Heard mixed reviews
salted caramel nuts (great holiday gift idea)
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worlds longest burning lightbulb on for 113 years kids!
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one of my favorite de-stressing videos ever
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I have no words for this story..I'm sorry
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worrying may be a sign of intelligence? (sign me up!)
dreaming of a white Christmas? Here's the forecast
the truth behind charles dickens' christmas story


Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Fun pictures, and really great links. Thanks! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. It has been awhile since I've had a chance to enjoy these. And enjoy I did, today. I'm stuck cleaning house and these were a great getaway. Thanks Dawn. I love the turkeys and the world in 30 days. Life is certainly worth living!

  3. Love your pics. I kind of forgot what sun looks like. It has been so dark here. Not as much snow or as cold as last year though, so I guess that's a win. Promising myself again that I'll be somewhere warm next winter. Determined to make it happen. Happy holidays!

  4. Pleased to read about probiotics...take one every day and was actually considering stopping.
    Snorting cayenne for my sinus problems? I don't think so.
    Happy Christmas Dawn!

  5. Beautiful photos! Happy holidays!

  6. I love your winter harbor/beach photos. Happy new year!


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