My most popular pumpkin recipes

Let's start with the most popular: Pumpkin Toaster Strudel. 
A shortcut to this recipe is using pre-made puff pastry.

Pumpkin french toast with salted maple butter. (ok so its really about the salted maple butter).
By just adding some pumpkin puree to the egg custard, a few spices, some cream or milk, you've got an easy fancy-pants way of dressing up your french toast.

My infamous Pumpkin Oreo's! Come see how I save a few steps in the cookie filling.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars from the Baked Elements Cookbook

Pumpkin Snack Cake with Pumpkin Buttercream.
Very easy to whip up. You will love this buttercream--promise!

Leftover pumpkin bread?  Use it in my Sea Salted Pumpkin Bread Bark.

Pumpkin pancakes.
Everyone loves these, and a few simple additional ingredients makes them grand.

Pumpkin Butter Cinnamon Chip Cookies. A wonderful way to use pumpkin butter in cookies.

Pumpkin Butter Crunch Bars. Literally the best shortbread bars I've ever made.  You'll see.....

Pumpkin-Butterscotch Crumb Cake.
(and by accident I found using a cake pan is perfect for crumb cakes)
pumpkin-butterscotch crumb cake

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Puffy chocolate chip cookies.
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Seven Layer Bars with Pumpkin.
Oh these were fun to make; just wanting to see if I could ad in a layer of pumpkin in there, and I did. Fun to make for sure.
7 Layer Bars with Pumpkin

Cake Like Pumpkin Cookies with Nutella Frosting.  If big, puffy, soft, cake-like are your thing, then here you go.
soft pumpkin cookies with nutella-cream cheese frosting

Everyone's favorite!  NYC Style Pumpkin Crumb Cake. Don't miss this one.
Very popular, most downloaded recipe.
NY Style Pumpkin Crumb Cake

Pumpkin-Oreo Homemade Ice cream.  Had to put at least one pumpkin ice cream recipe in here.

Pumpkin Pop Tarts! These are my personal favorites.
homemade pumpkin pop tarts w buttermilk glaze

Pumpkin Spice Cookie Bark.  Just a simple way of taking a pumpkin cookie recipe and baking it as a layer, then adding on chocolate ganache and whatever other toppings you fancy.
pumpkin cookie bark

Pumpkin Scones with Cider-Cream Glaze.  It's really about the glaze tho.
pumpkin scone w/ cinnamon-cider cream cheese glaze


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