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I hope its safe to say that winter is finally done snowing its heavy hand on us cape codders?

Corporation Beach, Dennis, MA

LeCount Hollow, Wellfleet, MA

Closed until spring...

Chatham fish pier ghost town

I'm guessing that snowbank will be there till June?

My pool is under there somewhere. Thats about 4-5 feet of snow.

Homemade artisan soaps.
I am in LOVE with the lip scrub.
All from Artisan Soaps

Gesine Bullock-Prado latest and most creative cookbook yet: Let Them Eat Cake
In this cookbook she takes classic favorite dessert treats and gives you healthier options as well as the classic.
For example the coconut cake, she shows us how to do it a regular one then options for a vegan, gluten free or just healthier version. Brilliant!

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and finally my favorite: How to pronounce Worcestershire sauce


Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Good to see a Friday Links! Loads of fun, as always. Your winter has been tough -- but spring soon will be here. I think. ;-)

  2. I'm glad you're back with some great links! It seems like spring has arrived here, so hopefully it will there soon too!

  3. this is very nice i love it. nice contsorp. thank you for the post i just pick some very interesting


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