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My life has consisted of nothing but snow storms. No literally, one after the other.
I think we are on our 7th storm? I don't know I've lost count.
I have the worst cabin fever.
Here are few more photos of my snow-riddened town called cape cod, and oh, another blizzard
for this Saturday night!  Yes!
He's waiting on scraps from my lunch.
Seafood bisque is a plenty here on Cape Cod--thankfully. From Lindsey's Family Restaurant.
Giant roast beef sandwiches from Mike's Roast Beef in Yarmouth, MA.
Do pay them a visit when you visit cape cod, so worth it.
How I get thru winter....
My newest favorite perfume.  Oh this scent is so heavenly.
Snowed in has a whole new meaning when you have to create walkways in snow around the
perimeter of your house!
Where the front entrance used to be.
And then like magic, after 2 days of being snowed in, you see this coming down your road.
I wanted to hug him.
PicMonkey Collage (2)
Only 35 more days till Spring!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I've been reading, but getting distracted and don't comment. I'm with you, though!
    Feel for you re the snow...did you see the photo on Facebook of the open door with the bank of snow and someone built shelves into the snow and put beer and booze on them? Broke me up. I remember weather like this when I lived in Michigan. Glad I'm not there anymore!
    So...favorite meals of athletes? Yuk.
    Really scared after that list of pesticides on fruit and veggies, even though I wash.
    Had seen those runway photos of naked crotches. Grossed me out. Is that supposed to be sexy?
    Cute with Ina's husband.
    I do planks nearly every day. Not helping much, think I'm too old. :O
    Re female chefs: am doing a post on Prune and Gabrielle Hamilton for Sunday.
    Happy V-day, Dawn. Stay warm!

  2. You're really having a tough winter. It's cold and snowy here, but nothing like what you've been experiencing. I don't blame you for having cabin fever! Anyway, fun links -- thanks.


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