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I loved these beef jerky'ish treats from Epic Bar. Found at Whole Foods.

So I lucked out and found Zapp potato chips on Cape Cod!
Can you believe it?  Cape Cod of all places!
Newest flavor VooDoo is a mix of salt & vinegar w/ BBQ.  Oh yeah.

Yes!  Really good!  Yes!  So Delicious found at Whole Foods.

PicMonkey Collage (2)
I wanted to start growing out my eyelashes.
Was told by a friend to give this Viviscal a go.  It works great as you can see in the
photo; I had ZERO eyelashes. And yes it does grow out the hair too, makes it thicker & longer.
I do recommend this, I was not paid for this, keep in mind it's pricey, but I think Amazon has
it cheapest.  Also it does upset the stomach so take with food. I take one pill every other day.

Gave this Red Ace beet shot extract a go to help boost my workouts.
“The discovery of nitric oxide and its function is one of the most important in the history of cardiovascular medicine.”Its good, I prefer pure beet juice though".
It's strong for sure and will stain anything!

I've been faithful to this beet juice after all the holiday eats.

This doesn't need ice cream, just a spoon baby.

This is a bad bad habit of mine.
It's made up of all chemicals and I love every single one of them! lol

Little footprints

Made a batch of my infamous salted nutella cookie bars

And just like that winter is here.

Lasted half hour on the ice and then fell. Game over.

Seagull Beach, Yarmouth, MA

I finally got my voice messages to under 10. That my friends is victory.
If you're on the list of call backs, its coming!  I promise!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Do you use the beet juice as a meal replacement? Love the Fri links!

  2. Those peppermint ice cream bars look and sound soooooooo good! I have debated trying Viviscal over the years because I have very fine hair. Might have to finally give it a go. Does taking it with food reduce the side effects?

  3. I have made your nutella bars and they are out of this world! I thought the voodoo chips were good, but not my fave.And as for green tea, well it better be burning my fat away, because hubby just bought a whole bunch!

  4. Love the little footprints photo! Fun post & links -- thanks.

  5. BEST EVER. So many treasures to be found in these sweet links!

  6. Hope you're surviving the brutal winter!! Love Cape Cod and your blog...sending warm thoughts up there.

  7. I saw the fresh pressed beet juice you featured here at my local Walmart recently. I normally drink Naked brand juice. However, I am always looking for something healthier and tastier. Do you think this brand is better than another? How do you feel about Naked brand juice? You can connect with me on my food blog-scribblinggourmet.com.


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