friday links

love this quote

Have you tried this?  You should.

made out pretty good for Easter...you?

good advice.

just from cleaning out the truck!  not bad!

instant homemade pretzel-cheese sandwiches (spread with wine port cheese spread & top)

guess what cape cod?
5 Guys is coming to Cape Cod mall in a couple weeks!

winter is OVER!  finally (sandy neck beach sandwich, ma)

seagull beach, cape cod, ma

around the web:

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chocolate crunch bars
here on cape cod we got a Dutch treat: replica explorer ship passes through canal
10 things that are damaging your looks
symptoms & signs of chronic stress
7 traits of magical people
Mia Farrow was ''joking'' when she claimed Frank Sinatra was the father of her son Ronan
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tunnels to celebrity homes below the playboy mansion
Mike Basich in tiny 225 Sq. Ft. house
Starbucks is serving kale smoothies?
google maps launches pacman on real streets
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37 cool kitchen gadgets
gluten free museum
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reasons to eat more butter?
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should you be taking magnesium supplements?
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Harvard unveils MRI study proving meditation rebuilds brain’s gray matter in 8 weeks


Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Here I am....been a while since I visited Friday links. Love them, too.
    Agree completely with protein and weight training. I eat some form of protein at each meal ANd work out an hour each morning, but only three classes a week are weights, the others are aerobic. Arthritis is a big problem, but not working out makes that worse, so I hang in there.
    Arnold's rules are so true.
    The only thing I disagree with re annoying things in restaurants is asking the wait staff for advice. Sometimes it works, especially if you're a regular, but often they suggest specials that aren't moving well.
    Good food movies.
    Liked the list of things damaging your looks...so true.
    Kale smoothies? No thanks.
    The kitchen gadgets made my morning. :)

  2. Welcome back! Glad to see your link . That quote at the top is one of my favorites. I actually used it in a letter I wrote earlier in the week.

  3. I haven't tried the Cold-Brew Coffee from Whole Foods yet but I had it at the most incredible place in Orlando, Florida. East End Market is this great little food mecca that has a coffee company called Lineage Roasters. They specialize in Cold Brew coffee that changed how I forever look at coffee. If you would like to follow more of my foodie adventures, you can connect with me on scribblinggourmet.com!

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