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Happy Friday!

It's cold out!
As I type this post, we have 47 degrees at 9am here on cape cod.
I guess I won't be going for my nightly swim in the ocean today.
Actually I have been going every night now that the beaches are empty and enjoyable again.
Believe it or not the ocean temp is about 66 degrees when the sun is out and it's not too bad.

Have you started baking with pumpkin?
I haven't -- I know bad right? You are expecting new pumpkin creations from me?
I'll get on that this weekend; maybe if I pass a bottle of pumpkin spice under my nose it will
inspire me?
Hubby asked for these pumpkin oreo's I made last year at this time.
These are good, and I made them into icebox cookies, easy, just slice and bake!

Speaking of pumpkin....the pumpkin pie macarons have arrived at Whole Foods!

I wanted these to suck, but they didn't, they were really tasty and I am not a fan of white chocolate.

So I asked him what he was looking at (the man in the maroon had a big ass camera), he said
the mansion on the cliff (the right side).  Boring.  Here I was hoping it was a whale or something.

Is there anything better than a bag of fried scallops? Perks of living on cape cod.
Seafood bisque

Oh the joys of food blogging when one of your favorite pastry books just magically shows up
at your door. The book Pastry by Nick Malgieri is THE book, the guide for all things pastry.
This is the definitive guide for pastry making.  Can't tell you enough how much this one book
will teach you about pastry making.
Pastry by Nick Malgieri is the pastry bible.
PicMonkey Collage (1)

"Cooks eager to stretch their skills will find Mr. Malgieri an inspiring coach." ~The New York TimesPicMonkey Collage

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Same temperatures here too - brr! Summer is definitely over, haha.

    Can't wait for your pumpkin creations!

  2. Ah Butterscotch Pie. XOGREG

  3. Love your Friday links, D. Happy w/end to ya! xo

  4. I love these posts... <3 Anxiously awaiting new pumpkin recipes from my favorite baker *hint hint nudge nudge*

  5. Parkinsons...interesting. I had an aunt that had it, back in the 50s... not much they could do back then.
    Saved AND pinned the apple thing.
    Hamster eating burrito? WTF?
    Re Ebola: I do not think we should be sending our soldiers over there.
    good laugh with the pets...sent on to my daughter
    Orthorexia: I don't get it. I answered yes to a lot of those questions and I know I don't have it.
    Yuk on that pig red velvet cake.
    I've seen that passenger shaming stuff...amazing. I feel fortunate to have never seen any of that when traveling. Cripes. Gross. That bare fat guy.
    Kevin Spacey...first I've read about this.... torture, castration and disembowelment and said she would blow him to smithereens????!!!!

    BTW: I'm not crazy about white chocolate either, so am sorry you said those new MM's are good. :(
    Love your Friday links and love it when I have time to sit down and read them all!
    Happy Sunday!

  6. That Nick Malgieri book looks wonderful. And count me in for that butterscotch peach pie! Wow!!


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