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Happy Friday kids!

Just a quick note of gratitude:
my facebook page for vanilla sugar is almost at 5K likes.
2 years ago at this time I had 77 likes and was estatic.
So thank you, very much, for liking & loving my little creative food blog.

Should you ever want a homemade cheez it recipe that has far less chemicals than the boxed version,
then keep this recipe handy. It's really good.
Craving something lemon? Lemon crunch bars.  Seriously.
lemon & vanilla oreo ice cream
Or maybe a lemon-vanilla oreo ice cream?
In case you haven't heard me scream from the rooftops....cape cod has a Whole Foods Market now.
AND they have a breakfast buffet in the mornings!
It's really good, but it gets really packed--fast.
Can't tell you how many people liked my profound statement on Facebook.
Rain & humidity--why do they have to go hand in hand in the summer?
Goodbye winter, hello summertime.
Ocean temp as of today, about 63-64 degrees. Better than 50, right?
Best seat on the beach.
Don't you love that brightness? After months and months of a dark winter here on cape cod.
my walking buddy
Even my neighbors chickens are happy to be out for their morning walks again.

Fancy a root beer bundt cake?
Yes root beer!

Peach season is here.
Make peach shortcake with white chocolate-whipped cream!
blueberry shortcake
Blueberry compote for blueberry shortcake is one of my weaknesses.
blueberry shortcake
My blueberry shortcake is made with a nice easy to make donut cake.
Can you stuff brownies with s'mores?

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Everything looks great! Love the lemon crunch bars, they sound fabulous. :)

  2. The pictures are beautiful. Ocean temp as of today, about 63-64 degrees??? OMGOSH! The water temp here is 81 and I still can't get in haha. Checking out the 7 things men really want, health and fitness people to follow on instagram, things about whole foods and how to negotiate. LOVE your links!!

  3. I'm dying to find out what men really want, after i counter the effects of menopause while eating bacon brownies! and I'll be your friend on Facebook!

  4. Love all your ocean pics! Homemade Snickers are the best! I made Not Without Salt's and am already planning a repeat performance!


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