Cape Cod Whole Foods Market now open! + Friday Links

May 14, 2014 was the grand opening for the Hyannis Whole Foods.
Cape Cod has waited a long long time for this day.
I was there for the opening, didn't get to stay long, but was able to snap a few photos.
I thought it would be a nightmare parking and getting in the store, but it was nothing of the sort.
Whole Foods really planned out traffic control with ample police and whole food employees directing traffic in and out of the parking lot--actually it was a breeze to go in and out.
Inside wasn't that bad either to move around, packed yes, but the aisles are nice and wide, plenty of room for people.
When you first walk in you see the lush produce aisles, to the back walk the huge seafood walls, the middle aisles are health & beauty, along with frozen foods--really nicely done.  The other side of the store is the meats, sandwich & burrito bars, hot dog bar, pizza bar, WAFFLE BAR (yes you heard right), bakery along with gourmet bakery (the strawberry & pb mousses are to die for btw), then in the middle of all this we have the prepared foods section and ample hot & cold salad bars.  I can't tell you, in a long enough post, how many sections, varieties and delicious tempting offerings they have in the prepared foods section--let's just say it's huge.
Everything (and I know I am missing some) from clean eating to exotic seafood, sandwiches, salads, soups, international foods, sweets, baked goods, breads, pies, seafood, etc...You need to see for yourself, and you need to grab a fresh Belgian waffle.
This Whole Foods, as with all Whole Foods, takes pride in sourcing it's meat, produce, dairy and other food items from local vendors in the northeast; natural and organic products mainly.
Local fishermen, produce farms, and even cape cod specialty food items will be featured in store.
On opening day, 5% of the profits will go to local cape cod charities.
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What a great crew they have--they all worked so hard to get the opening done fast & right, and they did just that.  If memory serves correctly, the construction started back in early fall/late summer of 2013--so they worked fast.
Welcome to cape cod whole foods, you are so welcome here!
front door opens to fresh glorious produce.
they've designed the store so you make a giant circle, ending over there in the back by the registers; good flow for heavy traffic.
a protein powder bar
hot dog, burrito bar
the sandwich bar, one of my fav's, I highly recommend the Nobska with extra pickled onions

all the sandwiches there are good--all!
hard to see but a row of prepared foods, hot & cold salad bars, pizza bar, bakery, etc...
a real smoothie bar complete with all kinds of protein drinks, fruit smoothies, veggie smoothies, etc..
hard to see the menus but everything there is fresh and natural--zero fillers.
of course I ended up here: the waffle bar. red velvet waffles, chocolate waffles, plain--all with ice cream and all the fixings. it's crazy and I love it!
you can order it in-store OR use the walk up window outside! fabulous!
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made fresh to order, served hot with literally any topping you want.
FINALLY cape cod has decent sushi
the dangerous section
the very dangerous section (see the windows in the back? those are all the walk up windows)
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I made away with healthy (rice paper avocado roll with spicy peanut, salmon & rice teriyaki bowl)
and just a little bit of heaven: fresh peanut butter mousse.
You have not lived until you try the pb mousse from whole foods (don't read the ingredients or calories).
Want to find out more about Whole Foods Hyannis?
Follow them on Facebook & Twitter.
I'll post more photos when it's less crowded; there is so much to see there.  It's a 28,000 sq. ft. store.
Located on 990 Iyannough Rd. Hyannis, MA. (in the old Borders Books building, Iyannough Rd aka Route 132).

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  1. OMG, I cannot wait for our Whole Foods to open! It will be only about 3 miles from my work place!! I read on their FB page they are opening next week. I love that protien powder bar. so so so psyched!

  2. What a spiffy Whole Foods. There are quigte a number of them here in LA, but none that I know of with a waffle bar! I'm envious!

  3. The WFs looks great! Especially those waffles. Hey your #1 weight loss tip goes to a nutella butter cream frosting recipe...that's just not nice dawn haha ;) Love the wedding invite and I'm going to check out the pizza crust recipe!

  4. So glad you finally have a Whole Foods. I bet it is so nice to have a new grocery store. The waffles look awesome and that avocado roll - yum!

  5. Love the four orange cake, love the red onion tarte tatin. And how exciting that you've now got a Whole Foods!
    And thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. They made my day! xo

  6. Enjoy the store in your area. Those avocado rolls look divine.

  7. I love Whole Foods and I am super excited that there is one opening this month four blocks from my house. How exciting is that!?! I have to try those avocado rolls & mousse. YUM.

  8. This just totally depressed me! As much as I wish I could move "home" to the Cape, this makes me even more envious since we don't have a Whole Foods OR Trader Joe's where I live in NY. :( I think I'm overdue for a visit to see friends in Boston! ;)

  9. Those waffles are making me serious drool. YUM!
    Now I want to try pickled onions on a sandwich..


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