peanut butter morning cookies (GF)

Peanut butter cookies for breakfast?
Chock full of nuts, oats, and protein. Gluten free and 1-bowl easy!
But they taste good. They don't taste like those horrid GF cookies that are either too bland or too chewy.
These have texture, substance, are hearty and filling. So good!
So before you scroll down and read the ingredients, stay here!
Stay with me--there is toasted coconut in there.  Before you say hmm or eww.
It's not ewww, its yum.
If you toast the coconut it will not only add a nice crunch to the cookie.   You cannot taste the coconut in there because the peanut butter is overpowering and the sweetness of the coconut is baked out a little bit when toasted.  Trust me on this cookie, so easy to whip up; one bowl easy and they go so well with hot coffee in the morning.
And I don't know the exact nutritional ingredients, but I'm willing to bet these are almost like a protein bar, maybe not as much protein, but far less sugar.
If you want to cut back on the sugar, just omit the molasses or keep the molasses and use half the brown sugar.
I made a couple batches, one had cinnamon chips and the other had raisins.
I liked them both, so I left in the recipe ingredients to use either, but I wouldn't go with both at the same time.
A hearty cookie that you can easily have for breakfast when you're strapped for time.

peanut butter morning cookies (GF)
recipe from vanillasugarblog.com
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2 cups chunky peanut butter (not an oily peanut butter choose a creamy one)
¾ cup dark brown sugar, NOT packed, but loose
2 eggs + 1 egg yolk
1 ts pure vanilla extract
1 TB molasses
½ ts baking soda
1 ts sea salt
1 ½ cups rolled oats (not instant)
1 cup toasted coconut
½ cup pecans or walnuts, chopped
½ cup raisins (or cinnamon chips, not both or neither)

cook notes:
I would not add in the raisins and the cinnamon chips in the same batch; use either one or none.
I made two batches, one with the chips and one with the cinnamon chips and they were both tasty.  For a healthier cookie, omit the molasses and the cinnamon chips.

In a large mixing bowl, mix the peanut butter, the dark brown sugar, the eggs and egg yolk well.  Then add in the vanilla extract, molasses, baking soda, salt,  and mix again.
Next add in the rolled oats, toasted coconut, nuts and raisins and mix.
Cover with plastic wrap and let sit in fridge about an hour to firm up.
When ready to bake, preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Using a medium cookie scoop, scoop out dough onto parchment lined baking sheets about an inch apart. You can try using your hands to roll dough balls, but dough is very sticky.
Gently press down on the dough balls, do not flatten, just a small push down.
The cookies won’t spread much during baking, but they do rise up a bit.
Bake cookies for 13-16 minutes.
It’s hard to know when the cookies are done, they stay soft and puffy while baking (firm up after cooling )
I looked for almost-crisp, light golden brown edges.
After you remove from oven, let them sit on the cookie sheet for  at least 15-20 minutes or longer if you can.
If you try and take them off the sheet right out of the oven they will break apart; very delicate after baking, so let them set up/firm up after baking.
They keep about 3-5 days at best?
Made about 21-25 cookies


  1. We love them in the house and GF is a plus since my brother-in-law is celiac.

  2. Who says ew to coconut? Thats just crazy ;) these have amazing texture!!

  3. Oh, I am all about the healthy breakfast cookie! Love the addition of coconut, wouldn't have thought to add that.

  4. Coconut and pb, oats, the chewy factor, the dark brown sugar, the thickness - total winners!! pinned

  5. I would totally eat these any time of day! Looks amazing Dawn! Sharing!

  6. Now that's my kind of breakfast! They look tasty Dawn.

  7. Peanut butter is one of my weaknesses! And peanut butter cookies (and fudge) always get my attention. Thanks for my new breakfast habit! ;-)

  8. This is just stunning!

  9. clever name and purpose for these beauts! they're so thick! you've created yet another delightful cookie, dawn!

  10. I refuse to start my day without peanut butter. And let's be honest, having it in cookie form is so much fun than over Greek yogurt! OR I could crumble this over my greek yogurt. Hmmm...

  11. Did someone say I could have cookies for breakfast? I am so ready for these. I just hope they are ready for me!

  12. i'll take peanut butter in my breakfast any day of the week :)

  13. I just made these and I love them! Great crumbly soft texture. I added raisins (love the raisins!), nuts, and a small mixture of chips (chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter). Everyone in my family tried them last night and this morning - cookies are a huge hit :)



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