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Happy Friday!

As seen on the Massachusetts state highways starting today.  I love it.
Saw these birds in west barnstable (what are they, not sure?).
I am in love with this tasty little snack mix by Bhuja.
A little treat for myself. I can't afford the bottles so I get the rollerballs, much cheaper.
I am in love with this scent.  Found at Sephora.
Every spring I get so excited at the arrival of the giant blackberries from Driscoll Berries.
I just wish it wasn't such a short season. (found these beauties at Whole Foods).

Speaking of Whole Foods, Cape Cod is FINALLY getting their own Whole Foods.
They open next week 5/14/14. I am so excited. Follow them on Facebook!
I was lucky to get a quick sneaky peek of the inside of the new Whole Foods in Hyannis, MA.
PicMonkey Collage
Had no idea how big the store is.  It kind has the same giant, open, free and easy shopping as the flagship store in Dedham, MA.
There is going to be a walk up waffle bar!
I very big seafood market in the back of the store (finally!).
Really nice outside sitting areas. A long row this way and another long row behind this photo.
Cape peeps and anyone else interested in coming to the grand opening (from Whole Foods Hyannis):

"Grand Opening May 14. We invite you to our grand-opening celebrations where we'll be "breaking bread" at 9:45 a.m, with special guest speakers. Can't make it to that? We'll have raffles, live music, on-air DJs, caricatures and so much more all day long! Come join us!"
I am so excited to finally have a whole foods on cape cod.  I'll report back with more photos!
Like Whole Foods Hyannis on Facebook for upcoming events, deals, specials, etc...
As seen at Marion's Pie Shop in Chatham, MA
Absolutely loving the weather here on cape cod.
No snow, no blizzards, no nor'easters, no torrential rainfalls....just heavenly.
Feels good to be outside again.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Those blackberries are lovely! Seriously drool worthy. I love the pie shop sign. I've seen a similar one that said - Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy.

    I always love seeing your photos of Cape Cod - so beautiful!

  2. Love the highway sign ;) Those blackberries look delicious :) Going to check out the protein and pee in the pool links :) happy weekend!!!

  3. I think those birds are Ospreys! They used to have things for their nests like that in Martha's Vineyard when I lived there so I'm thinking it must be the same thing.
    oh my goodness i've never seen such big blackberries! I'd love those!!
    As usual, love your links. Happy Friday :)

  4. It definitely feels good to be outside again! Your Whole Foods sounds fabulous. A waffle bar? I always judge a store by its seafood counter.

  5. I saw a few of those signs on the highway yesterday (I'm in RI, but always on the highways in MA!) have my own pic on my phone lol. I do the same as you at Sephora, buy the rollerballs, and they're perfect to throw in your purse if you're going on vacation. Whole Foods is awesome! and I love your pictures of the Cape, I need a day trip out there soon!

  6. I look forward to your links every week! Now I'm craving an apple...

  7. So exciting that the cape is getting a whole foods!!

  8. I love nut mix. Thanks for nice post


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