brownies stuffed with smores

Have I made this before?
I don't know.
I'm too lazy to look back at my old brownie posts and see.
Honestly I'm not that into brownies; I can't just like any old kind.
I need to have some texture in there or if there can't be texture then it has to be made with the high quality cocoa. You know that deep, rich 60-70% cocoa chocolate?  Love that stuff.
So when I make brownies I go all out and dress them up.
Remember when I made the peanut butter cookie crusted brownies?
My taste buds do.  Man those were good!
OR how about the peanut butter & fluff brownies with salty cookie crust?
Yeah I remember those!
Those are worth gold in my house; aka they get hubby to do all those things that sit on the "honey-do" list.
Easy to make.
Just take your favorite brownie mix, pour half the batter into well greased pan, add a layer of mini
marshmallows (if you want the marshmallows still visible after baking then use larger marshmallows), add a layer of crushed grahams 1/2 - 1 cup, then top with remaining brownie batter, and bake.
No graham crackers?
Use shortbread, use Oreo's...you can use any type of crunchy cookie really.
I realize you cannot see the marshmallows in the brownies.  That's because I used the mini ones and they dissolved a bit, BUT there is a nice chewiness to the middle.
So if you feel the need to see the marshmallows, I suggest using large marshmallows, although they might stick out on the top--which is also a good thing.

brownies stuffed with smores
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take your favorite brownie recipe
pour half the batter into greased pan
layer on mini marshmallows or large ones (large will still be present after baking, mini will dissolve)
layer on crushed graham crackers 1/2 - 1 cup (add a pinch of salt to the crushed crackers)
gently push (just a little) the mixture down a bit
pour remaining brownie batter over top
smooth out with wet spatula or wet hands
bake according to original brownie baking directions

don't have crushed grahams? use crushed shortbread cookies.


  1. Ohhh delicious!

    Putting smores in baked goods is becoming such a craze!

    Can't wait to make a smores cake.. mmm...


  2. Such a creative lady!! I am not a plain brownie fan at all. I dont get the draw!!

    and this "I'm too lazy to look back at my old brownie posts and see." -- lol that is so true! I have that come up with bars & cookies. Like there are so many versions on a theme, but figure it's new to someone :)

    And I love that you worked in graham cracker crumbs. Great texture!


  4. I totally know what mean about brownies and their texture! I love having a bit of extra stuff in there. ANd if that stuff is marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs...so so so much the better!

  5. You have combined my kids' two favorite things. Brownies & s'mores. They look tasty & super decadent. Nicely done my friend.

  6. Love it! I've seen lots of s'mores topped brownies, but I like this one because it's all baked together

  7. clever girl! marshmallows do funny and exciting things when they're baked. :)

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, yummmmmmmmmmmmm....

  9. When you say you like to dress up your brownies, you're not messing around! These look splendiferous! Hear that noise? It's my stomach growling for copious amounts of these brownies!

  10. Awesome idea! Marshmallows make everything better :)

  11. Wow! I bet the difference in textures is amazing!

  12. I tried marshmallows in brownies once. They kind of melted in the oven, but you were left with these lovely gooey, almost chewy parts! These look delicious!

  13. Great idea for a simple yet extra special dessert!

  14. I love this, Dawn! Usually I make brownies and put the marshmallows on top: http://theactorsdiet.com/2012/11/12/sophies-smores/

    But this looks a little classier (and neater)


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