Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water Giveaway

Today I'm thrilled to have a giveaway with Harmless Harvest Coconut Water.
One of my favorite ways to naturally hydrate is with Harmless Harvest 100% Coconut Water.
It is what coconut water should taste like; not watered down, not filled with crap or loaded up with extra sugar and in most cases extra water!
This is all natural, in it's purest raw form, and 100% safe and 100% sustainable!

I am one of those people that is just so tired of all those energy-sugar-laden sports drinks or ‘heavily’ watered down “so-called” coconut water drinks.  These drinks do nothing for me on a hot summer day, on a medium-heavy workout at the gym; that if anything they make me feel unhealthier, drained, or worse ready for a nap after a workout.  I do seek out those coconut water drinks, but am always so disappointed by how much water they contain, and not enough electrolytes, minerals, etc.
You can imagine my surprise when I found Harmless Harvest pure 100% coconut water.  I’ll admit I was a little setback by how small the bottle was thinking another company selling a watered-down product in a small bottle. 
But in all honesty, after one drink I noticed a huge difference.  I am one of those people that tends to get low blood sugar and dehydration during the summer and have to keep an eye on my potassium levels.
Watching those survivor shows on TV I would learn just how good for you pure coconut water is, but never truly understanding the mineral/electrolyte compound that helps to make you feel (truly feel hydrated).  Harmless Harvest coconut water has all five electrolytes naturally: sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.
What energy drink, sport drink, etc… out there has all of these in a naturally occurring environment?  Exactly.  None.
After your next intense workout out, gardening day, hot summer day—or any day where you sweat a lot, and not to forget those days when you are dehydrated, try a bottle or two of Harmless Harvest and see just how better you feel.
And lastly, I can guarantee you that if you’ve never had pure coconut water you will be shocked at just how good it is.  There are a lot of “so called” coconut waters out there that have fillers, flavorings, and added sugar to them so that you can never really taste just how good coconut water is. 
So what does it really taste like then?
Pure coconut water has a nice nutty undertone (in foodie terms: an all natural almond joy taste) with gently sweet water like taste.
My favorite part of drinking harmless harvest coconut water is there is NO after taste and no crash and burn either.  If anything, this coconut water is exactly what your body needs—daily, workout or not. 
The owners of Harmless Harvest: Justin Guilbert & Douglas Riboud were kind enough to take some time and answer a few questions for me. 
There is also a giveaway at the end of the interview! Read through to find out!

Thank you Justin and Doug for doing this and taking time out to help educate us a little better about your company.  Tell me a little bio about your company first.

We founded Harmless Harvest in 2010 to develop beverages that provide the raw nutritional integrity of sustainably harvested ingredients. By combining innovative scientific techniques with local traditional knowledge, we launched the world’s first raw and organic coconut water ethically sourced from small agroforestry systems. Without spending any money on marketing and relying on word-of-mouth, popularity skyrocketed and it’s now available in retail locations nationwide.

Was this your first business venture?

We had zero experience in the beverage industry before starting Harmless Harvest, both coming from traditional corporate careers. Perhaps a little naively, we believed products should taste like the original, maintaining the aroma, flavor and nutritional integrity, and focus on social & environmental progress. So we decided to make them.

And what made you want to do this? A raw, organic, all natural coconut water drink?

By rejecting the disconnect between brand promise and reality, we wanted to make a product that created the brand. Instead of people purchasing the name on the bottle, we want people to choose our coconut water because of the quality inside. Harmless Harvest exists due to the reputation of 100% Raw Coconut Water, not the other way around. It was important to prove that quality can trump marketing, and people want a great product as much as we do.

Your labeling is perfect.  
You really zoned in on the key words of the importance of pure raw coconut water: never heated, 100% harmless, raw. 
Was this your intention to do it this way as a means of educating the public?
I ask this because so many other new drink products are geared towards “energy this” or “energy that”. 

By Harmless Harvest, we’re saying that choices have an impact, but it can be a positive impact. You don’t need to be harmful to the source when you produce something.
The name of our product is also the only ingredient: 100%Raw Coconut Water. That’s it. We wanted it to taste like a freshly cracked coconut and, not surprisingly, achieve that by adding absolutely nothing and not heating it. We wanted people to understand that just from the label, no gimmicks.

Tell us a little bit about how you get this raw coconut water from Thailand to the USA?  Is it kept cold, how is it transported safely and in a safe manner?

After being cracked on location, our coconut water is maintained in a deep frozen state until high pressure processing. Trust us, it sounds a lot easier than it is!
Gathering Cocos
How hard was it to start this business given that your coconut water comes from Thailand?  
Is that right only Thailand or are you sourcing from other areas?

We spent years searching across the world for coconuts of the highest quality, grown in traditional rural communities. There were many false starts and mistakes before we found the right opportunity in Thailand. Now we have strong ties to the communities we work with there and are hoping to expand to new agroforestry locations that grow our specific variety of coconuts.
2511-_22_1220 copy
In the beginning venture towards bringing this coconut water to completion was there anything that threw you off, put the plans off to the side temporarily.  I know problems happen with any new business venture, but did they have any major setbacks that they plowed through? 

Obtaining the level of quality that we wanted forced us to create the entire system from scratch. We were utilizing technology that had never been used with coconut water. This was in addition to setting up a system for harvesting, bottling and transporting perishable goods where no system existed. Finally, everyone was already familiar with coconut water lining their pantry shelves, so educating retailers and consumers on the perishability of a raw product and the variation that nature gives us (as seen in our pink bottles) was imperative. Innovation requires effort, not just ideas. There was, and still is, a lot of hard work involved in getting those coconuts from the tree to your fridge.
2511-_37_1235 copy
I see that sustainability is a very important part of your company’s mission. 
Can you tell us why this is important to you? 

Sustainability is not just important, it is essential to Harmless Harvest. 
Why do we assume that production needs to be destructive? 
Why can’t it be neutral or even positive? The question should be really asked of other company’s: how they can stay in business without sustainability?
2511-_33_1231 copy 2
And with this sustainability any farming, plants/trees can die, be injured, or damaged. 
What process do your farms use to sustain their crops over time?  In other words, how do they plan for future crops—do they let land lie fallow, plant new trees each year, etc…?

We work with centuries-old operations in Thailand. These are agroforestry systems that have other crops such as mangos, bananas, mangosteen, mingled with the coconut palms. The farmers work with what they have and implement traditional techniques. It’s a long-established natural method of growing and harvesting.

There is a video on your website that explains quite simply how your coconut water is minimally processed.  
It’s called the HPP process, or high pressure processing using high pressure instead of heat to stop potentially harmful bacteria getting into the coconut water.
You say this is the safest but most expensive process.  Why is it so costly?

HPP extends the refrigerated shelf life of our coconut water while maintaining the delicate organoleptic compounds found in a freshly cracked coconut. It requires specialized machinery, facilities and the staff to perform the process, but also a dedicated management.
I drink this coconut water a lot, I’ve come across a couple of bottles that are pink coconut water?  

We don’t mix or homogenize our coconut water so, just like in whole coconuts, there can be variation among bottles. One of these variations is the level of antioxidants. While all of our coconut water is perfectly clear when it’s bottled, those that contain the highest levels of antioxidants can spontaneously turn pink with time. Additives could hide the harmless color variation, but we love that the delicious pink bottles show that we add nothing to our coconut water. We were afraid people would run from the pink bottles, but by telling them the truth, we now know many people who seek them out.
Can coconut water go bad?

Like all freshly squeezed juices, coconut water will naturally go bad shortly after the coconut is opened. With the use of HPP, Harmless Harvest coconut water achieves a longer refrigerated shelf life. It is similar to milk in that there is a risk of spoilage if it is not kept refrigerated or drunk before the best by date.

Once you extract the fluids from the coconut, what do you do with the remaining husk and meat?

Currently, most is resold locally. We are also working on several options, ranging from new products to energy sources for our facilities in Thailand.

Do you have any recipes using your coconut water? 
I know I use mine in smoothies in lieu of milk or water, for that extra boost of nutrition.

We have seen lots of recipes with our coconut water ranging from simple additions of chia seeds, mint or even jalapenos in the bottle to smoothies and sauce for mussels. We still love it straight.

Are there any other Harmless Harvest products that we can look forward to?
Oh I hope we can see coconut bars?  Almond Joy like clones that are all natural and tastier? How about chocolate-coconut cups?  OK, you get the idea here. 
But seriously do you plan on expanding your product line to foods or more drinks?

We are so excited to introduce our next project: 100% Raw Tea
You will be able to find Unsweetened, Honey, andPeppermint varieties in stores as of this summer. We freeze the tea leaves right after picking, pulverize with spring water, filter and use HPP to extend the shelf life and extract maximum flavor of the 100% Raw & Organic ingredients. 
On the coconut front, we have many innovative products coming soon. Stay tuned!

To find out more about Harmless Harvest, please visit their website HarmlessHarvest.com.
Find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.
To find out where to buy Harmless Harvest please click here: stores. 
Most Whole Food stores do carry Harmless Harvest. 

Thank you so much for this interview; very informative.
For the giveaway, they were kind enough to donate three (3) free coupons for their coconut water + a free t-shirt to two winners.
To enter leave ONE comment telling us if you've tried Harmless Harvest before and what other products you'd like to see made with all natural coconut water and/or coconut.
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We'll do the drawing next friday 4/12/2013. Good Luck!


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