The Best Recipes of 2013 (chosen by you)

Happy New Year!

What good luck superstitious things do you do to ring in the new year?
We like to eat Chinese food and hold money in our hands as the countdown begins.

I complied a list of the top recipes, chosen by you, not me.
These are what my google stats say you clicked on most.

The number one has been, number one for the last two years: coconut truffles.
I love that you love coconut as much as I do. These little cuties got a lot of hits, a lot!
coco truffles 2 4-7-2009 4-43-55 PM 1200x1600

Another savory favorite over the years: cheesy artichoke bread.
What a serious flavor combo, and it's very easy to make.
artichoke bread 4 4-8-2009 3-28-32 PM 1200x1600

Blackberry-cream cheese crumb cake made the top 5.
This is made with blackberry coulis, and I promise you, it is so worth the extra time.
One heavenly, decadent crumb cake.
blackberry-cream cheese crumb cake

My obsession with cloning some of the best cookies in the world continues on.
The Levain Bakery chocolate chip cookie clone made it to the top 10 of your favorites.
levain cc cookies round 2 7

The cake filled peanut butter cups was voted one of your favorite photos of all time.
IN fact, I use this photo as my logo. I think the photo pretty much describes what this blog is all about:
creative recipes & unique eats.
cake filled pb cups

The salted nutella cookie bars were posted a mere couple weeks ago, but they got enough hits to warrant them in the top 15 most popular posts of 2013.
IMG_2208 (1)

Brownie bundt stuffed with coconut cream cheese.
When I decided to take brownie batter, put it in a bundt to see if it would well, "bundt"?
I also stuffed it with a coconut-cream cheese filling because it needed something extra.
This bundt was the most popular bundt I've ever made.
brownie bundt w/ coconut-cream cheese filling

Homemade cheesy tater tots!  I think we all know why these made the top list.
I need to make these again and show you the step-by-step instructions, since I know a lot of
you might be put off by the deep frying aspect, but truly it's very easy.
homemade cheesy tater tots

Crispy, buttery, sweet and tangy: lemon crunch bars.

My infamous tomato pie.  I made this in 2009 and it still continues to be in the top 10 of all
time favorites. Have you made it?
I also made a hand pie version using pre-made pie crusts!
tomato pie

Quarter pound mint stuffed cookies! Yes a quarter pound cookie (aka a cookie meal).
1/4 pound double choco-mint stuffed cookies

Pumpkin oreo's.  Kind of glad something-pumpkin made the list, as I make a lot of pumpkin recipes.

Banana-sour cream ice cream made with pudding!  Super easy.
Pretty much one-bowl easy AND no cook!

Chocolate cupcakes with cookie butter crunchies. Seriously? These were heavenly.
Don't they look cute?  And I used some of the batter to make mini loaves. Great as gifts.

And lastly, one of my favorites homemade snowball cakes, just like you remember as a kid only
better because there are no chemicals.

Happy New Year kids!


  1. Gah! I love all of your recipes. Anything with nutella always wins!! I'm going ot make the levain bakery cookies tomorrow. Happy (almost) New Year!

  2. So many of these are great, I wouldn't be able to choose just one.
    I think I'd start with the artichoke dip, move onto the tomato pie, then finish with the brownie-coconut bundt, snowballs
    and lemon crunch bars. Gotta earn those yoga pants!
    Happy 2014, doll!

  3. Happy New Year, Dawn - my fellow point & click camera aficionado! :D

  4. What an amazing year! Happy New Year!

  5. Certainly can vouch for the cheesy artichoke bread. Absolutely wonderful. Happy New Year!

  6. The Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip cookies are always a hit!

  7. Happy New Year! I ate 12 grapes for good luck - and I'm really hoping they work this time around! Those lemon bars are still calling my name.

  8. Gosh, you gave us so much great stuff this year! Really enjoy your blog. Happy New Year!

  9. So much deliciousness this year!! I just can't get enough.

  10. My, My, My these are all WINNERS to me! Happy New Year!

  11. I am seriously torn between the blackberry crumb cake and the lemon bars. They both look sensational!

  12. Congratulations on another delicious year!

  13. Excellent year of recipes! I love the lemon crunch bar myself!

  14. Lovely recipes! Everything looks damn good.

    Happy New Year and best wishes for 2014!



  15. Lots of yummy! Have a great 2014--after digging out of the snow!

  16. Ok, that cheesey artichoke bread needs to be made stat! Looks soo good!!! What a great line-up :)


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