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Happy Friday!

How was Christmas?  I'm exhausted; I'm ready for a long winters nap.

Early morning fog at Nauset Beach, Wellfleet, MA
So so so soothing; I love this place.
The view from where I take the photos isn't too shabby either.

I discovered this dangerous combo on Christmas eve.

That's right--tis the season for yoga pants all day.

Let's remember this saying for 2014.

Around the web:

this cake, oh this salted caramel ding dong cake has me in a tizzy
ham & gruyere thumbprint cookies
mike's hot honey--well doesn't that sound perfect for fried chicken
cape cod life magazine photo contest 
magnetic flat pack furniture?
this common problem can destroy your willpower
when you're at the end of your rope: 7 tips to help
thundershirt for cats review
candy cane cupcakes!
berries & all their wondrous protective properties
14 excellent sources of clean protein
alexander mcqueen made rugs? (pricey rugs too)
inside the notebooks of authors, artists & visionaries
balloon lamp (I would love one)
google has an online art gallery in the works?
how to manage the chill of winter (let me know if it works LOL)
the broken link: women trusting women
how to store a cake: of almost all sizes
writer bukowski-themed bars are really taking off
I am in love with this bow ear warmer
no-bake protein cookies
5 health foods that are over-rated
god or satan desk signs
how do I substitute coconut oil for butter in baking?
does sleep sweep the brain?
photographer captures people's insecurities on camera
cheesemonger (I love that word) approves a few cheese items at grocery store
best panini recipes of 2013
richard branson's top 10 business tips
'miserable men', an instagram account that captures the sad side of shopping
pantone color of the year is.....(lol)
harvard university snow of past & present
how to write a novel synopsis: 5 tips
homemade mustard (love this)
the weirdest books ever published (I can't stop laughing at this)
24 people that decide "what's cool" in America
10 proven ways to relax (really now?)
in case you needed another fashion blog to bookmark....
(take 5 mins for this...it's worth it) this place

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I want that bow ear warmer! That is so darn cute. Gosh I love your Friday posts! Enjoy the weekend :)

  2. I actually love the color of the year! lol! Have a terrific start of 2014!

  3. Christmas vacation is perfect for naps. Hope you're having a great holiday season!

  4. I am confused as to what day it is with all these holidays! Another great list. Check out the mustard on my site. It is killer!

  5. I always try to take time to enjoy life, but reminders are totally appreciated. Love that quote! Thanks for the synopsis writing tips! I love writing all day long, but ask me to write a synopsis and I want to cry.

  6. Cheez-its and Nutella?! WHAT?! Mind blown!

  7. I really love your links! You do such a terrific job with them - so many are so, so interesting. I love this feature of yours - thanks. And Happy New Year!

  8. The beach shots are so beautiful - quite a different view than outside here right now!

  9. I love your Friday links. They're like a conversation between two old friends.

    I totally get the Cheezit-Nutella thing.
    Mine is an M&M-Cheetos thing!


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