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Happy Friday!

If you picked this week and next week as your vacation to cape cod, boy are you in luck.
Our weather has been perfect; sun and low humidity.
But the traffic is unreal too.  There was traffic on a thursday, 3 miles backup on sagamore bridge.
Ice cream stands on the cape are doing a great business.
(this is from Twin Acres Ice Cream, Sandwich, MA)
Town Neck Beach, Sandwich, MA. In the distance, a barge entering the cape cod canal
I love summer.
If I ever remodel the house.....
I wanted to try these, but $6.00?  Wow, pricey.
Last week I posted a pic on twitter of this new salad creation I found at Whole Foods.
From the salad bar at Whole Foods, a scoop of the new Mediterranean salad, with some feta cheese,
some raisins, and nuts.  So good.
Finally one that tastes good, all natural, AND is sugar free.  Found Grady's Cold Brew at Whole Foods
in the milk aisle.
The organic white peaches are at Whole Foods and look amazing and huge. Time for peach pie.
My latest craving....(from trader joe's).
Cape Cod finally has a Chipotle!  I am so happy!  Love their food.
Have you tried these?  The bottom of the bag is the best part, all those salted rosemary bits!
Loved these!
Yes, they are good! And addictive.
It's ok.
I hope they make an unsweetened version!
Finding this KT Tape has been life changing for me.
With my bad knees, I need lots of support when I workout and stand in the kitchen for a long time.
This supportive athletic tape truly works.
I was very skeptical, but after learning how to apply it correctly, I am hooked!
And it's waterproof, I've already tested in the ocean and the pool!
Best find in months.

Around the web:
10 causes of fibromyalgia you and your doc don't know
improve your performance with better sleep; good tips!
a great summary/info of protein
sour cream-peach pie--it doesn't get any better than this!
roasted strawberry cheesecake ice cream, never roasted my strawberries, but I will now.
want to make your own ricotta cheese?
deepak chopra breaks down meditation: what it is and why you need it
yoga poses for metabolism; isn't pretty much all yoga poses great for metabolism?
adrenal fatigue: the signs
nerve damage and its relation to fibromyalgia
funfetti ice cream sandwiches
wonderful tutorial on how to make royal icing flowers
ever wanted to make a spherical cake?
and now we have "eye yoga"!
for my boston peeps--Kelly's Roast Beef rap song! (wicked awesome yo!)
carnival style fish sticks! (bookmarked!)
grilled tomato relish
peaches & cream cake (love super easy)
the island where people forget to die (wonderful story from NYT)
chocolate-marshmallow cookies (super easy)
the richards family making wonderful progress after the boston bombings (may God bless you)
new video footage of 2011 japan tsunami shows how quickly it happened
massachusetts evacuated to prevent any contact with tom brady's knee!  LOL!
what you need to know about Facebook's newsfeed algorithm (annoying)
a great write up on "getting around gluten" from harvard gazette
stereotypical feet photos of "I'm on vacation" (in case you needed more feet photos)
Disney fan? You're going to love this DisneyLand whirlwind tour --make sure your HD is on!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. they were recently sampling that coffee concentrate, iced; it hit the spot the day I drank it but I was beat tired and anything would have been great :)

    the press for champagne..i want that!!

    congrats on the great, perfect weather. San Diego weather for you!

    the FB feed. I swear most people don't see most of my posts. Because I will re-link to something a week later, and all of a sudden I have 10k fans saying it's new to them. So weird.

  2. i don't even drink coffee and I was wondering about that TJ's coffee!!!

  3. If I wasn't hungry bfore I certainly am now with all these delicious reminders.

  4. I get excited when I see these posts :) Your weather is perfect! I'm bummed that cold brew isn't very good. Heard the same from a few people. That ice cream? Drool. Chipotle is the best

  5. I need a 'press for champagne button." Ice cream would be nice too - and a home by the ocean. :)

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  7. Love the name of your town. I want to live in one called Chocolate!

    Coffee concentrate sounds dangerously good.
    Must visit TJoe's!

  8. You always find such good & wonderful things at Whole Foods & TJ's. I trust you more than I trust their blog LOL

  9. you always find good TJ things- i need to get there! I love those marcona almonds...addicting!


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