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Happy Friday!

Here on cape cod we've had nothing but rain for the past 2 or 3 weeks?
After 2 weeks who keeps counting?
All this rain and darkness gets to me; wil I start to grow gills?
They say sun for this weekend--I'm ready.
craigville beach, hyannis, ma.
cape cod canal
skaket beach, orleans, ma
Our first seafood dinner of the season. This year we tried Cooke's Seafood in Hyannis.
It was OK. The scallops were good, small portions though and the fries aren't so good.
And my favorite ice cream joint Emack & Bolio's has opened for the season.
Pictured above is the peppermint patty ice cream.  My favorite peanut butter-oreo wasn't in stock.
I have no complaints here, only that their prices went up: $5.19 for two scoops, but almost all the prices have gone up everywhere on cape cod.
Coming to the cape this summer? Best meal for your money?
Go to Lindsey's Restaurant in Wareham, crappy part of town, but the food is good and the portions haven't shrunk and the seafood is always the freshest!
Please play a visit to an authentic french bakery: PB Boulangerie Bistro in south wellfleet
Just their croissants alone are worth the drive.
They run out fast, so get there early.
That chocolate tarte?  Will cure your chocolate craving for a month!

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  1. Food looks a gazillion times more enticing when you're famished - I want those croissant...please!! Hopefully the sun will indeed make an appearance for you this weekend, if not, they're always ice cream. Always.

  2. I used to go to Cooke's all the time in the summer- my friends family has a house near there. i do like their scallops.

  3. I want that ice cream!!!!

  4. Your photos literally brought tears to my eyes, I miss your part of the country so much, and now is such an amazing time to be on the Cape. And thanks for the shout out! Have a fun weekend, Dawn.

  5. can't wait for pb boulangerie next weekend :)

  6. Terry Covington6/16/13, 7:45 AM

    Thank you, very much, for including the links to the articles about Monsanto's GMO crops and the many adverse effects of BPA in plastics. The other links are fun, too, but I found much useful and educational material in the links to those more serious articles. I really appreciate that you included them!

  7. The weather has been rather crappy this summer. Don't get me wrong, it's better than winter but I want some beautiful warm sunny days … or to move to California.

  8. What are the pastries in the box with the chocolate tarts in the last picture? Do they have a filling? Dying to know...

  9. I read bad monkey a few years ago, give it a try, very different.


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