peanut butter-oatmeal morning bars

Quite honestly I didn't know what to call these besides tasty lil fockers!
A little history: these bars come from those gluten free peanut butter cookies I made with that wonderful peanut butter powder.
I had some of that powder (see photo below) left over and wanted to do something different.
Having a craving for healthy morning bars--you know the ones that you can take with on busy mornings, but won't weight you down with heavy carbs later on?
So...these bars are kind of healthy, there is some sugar in there, and butter, but there is no flour.
Most days I don't like to have flour; I'll have grains, but not white flour--it just makes me so sleepy.
I wish I could call these gluten free, but there are oats in there, and how the oats get processed, I'm sure there is some sort of cross contamination.
If you want these gluten free, just take out the oats and take out the butter. I added in the butter just for the addition of the oats.
One bowl baking too! Gotta love that.
Do me a favor?
Invest in a jar of this peanut butter powder.
It's so good when used in baked goods; adds that little something special in the background.
Not to mention how much tastier it makes peanut butter cookies!
Where to find? Most health food stores and Whole Foods Market.
Did I tell you how tasty these are?
They aren't dry or boring. You know how some oatmeal cookies or bars are boring? Yeah, not these.
Just darn tasty!
Addictive too.
Perfect with morning coffee!
I am NEVER making oatmeal cookies without this recipe--this is so good.  OK, I know I said that a lot.
See those edge pieces?
Yeah, save those for yourself--you're welcome!

peanut butter-oatmeal morning bars

1 ¼ cup all-natural chunky or all natural smooth peanut butter (not too oily)
¾ cup dark brown sugar, packed
1 cup + 2 TB old fashioned oats
½ - ¾ cup of raisins (add or takeaway how much you like)
1 stick of butter (8 ounces), room temp
1 large egg, room temp
1 egg yolk
1 ts baking soda
3  OVERSIZED TB powdered peanut butter
1 ts sea salt

cook notes:
This recipe is almost gluten free since there is no flour. 
But there are oats in there, so….

In a small bowl add the peanut powder, baking soda, oats, and salt and mix, set aside.
In a small bowl beat egg and egg yolk, and beat.
In a mixer or by hand, combine peanut butter, butter, and sugar until well combined, add in the eggs, mix well..
Add in the dry mixture, and mix. Then add in the raisins.
Cover bowl and let it sit in fridge for about an hour.
It needs to set up a bit/harden before baking.
Do not let this sit overnight as the dough becomes dry!
When ready to bake, preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Grease up an 8 or 9-inch square baking pan. Place batter in baking pan, making sure to get it evenly spread all around and in the corners.
Bake for 16-21 minutes, until lightly browned on the edges. It cooks up very fast, so I really wouldn’t go past the 20-21 minute mark.
The middle might still be a bit soft, this is ok, it will harden up a bit.
You know they are done when there is no jiggle in the middle.
Cool for a while as this baked dough is still fairly delicate and hard to move. I waited 1 hour, then put them in fridge to set up faster.

I keep them stored in the fridge, at least a couple days, covered well.


  1. BOOK MARKED!!!! I make bars for breakfast every week. Josh will love these too!!! I love your blog

  2. Yum! I just bought a jar of the powdered peanut butter, and will be making these soon! :)

  3. I think there are some brands of oats that are actually gluten-free so these definitely have GF potential! And peanut butter in the morning is just the best!

  4. yum. these would totally start off my (monday) morning right!!

  5. I wish I had one with my coffee this morning. They look hearty & tasty. I'll be on the lookout for the peanut butter powder.

  6. "Tasty little fockers" You should trademark that.

  7. oh man- these look amazing!

  8. my kiddos would love these for summer breakfast and the best part is they'd feel like it was a treat! Thanks honey! Great recipe! :)

  9. You just blew my mind with the powdered peanut butter, where have I been? These look great, like healthy breakfast brownies!

  10. Ok, you've convinced me. I need some of that peanut butter powder!!

  11. yep, these would definitely get my tush out of bed!

  12. Really, sometimes I wonder about myself. Powdered peanut butter? Never knew. Going to Whole Foods this AM for vitamins so will check it out.
    (Loved your ice cream list!)

  13. These look perfect for the morning! I've never had powdered peanutbutter, but it seems like it'd be GREAT for cooking!

  14. These are so creative! Love pb and bananas. I have been buying gf oats by the case for the days I eat gf. I think those would work well here.

  15. oohhh, i've been looking for a recipe with powdered peanut butter in it. i'll have to make these asap.
    this recipe is delicious and creative, as always!

  16. What if I don't have or want to go out and buy a whole jar of powdered pnut butter, is there a substitute, or could I just skip it altogether?

    1. Of course! You can do whatever you want to!!
      Maybe add a little extra oatmeal, so everything holds together?
      Or a few tablespoons of flour?
      Need something to bind it together.
      Let us know if you decide to try it that way.

  17. The edges are the best part. That's why so many people love the corner pieces!

  18. So good. You know I am all over this! Thank you. I didnt know about peanut butter powder. And since I am trying to eliminate GMO from our diet (no small task mind you)- that just make it even more attractive.


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