friday links and my best ice cream recipes!

Happy Friday!

chocolate-avocado ice cream from mom, what's for dinner
vintage meltaway chocolate cream cake from food of our lives
exercise & nutrition guide to staying young from gabbyandlaird.com
great list of eco-friendly paints from remodelista.com
vegan wagon wheels from moonblush baker
baklava cheesecake from sprinkle bakes
sweet potato brownies from the healthy foodie
buttermilk ice cream w/ baked nectarines & biscoff cookies from 350 sweets
a video with gail dosik of one tough cookie (love her) from food curated
pineapple dole whip from what's cookin chicago
the most gorgeous & cutest wall stickers I've ever seen from hotel miramare collection (buying these)
DIY green juice in a blender! from just a taste
the best list of ingredient substitutions from joy of cooking
cronuts! from the boy who bakes
the worst types of people you encounter on social media from elite daily
how juicing changed my life from mind body green
what to do with leftover pate brisee? make pop tarts! from G Bakes
anyone ever done the Bar Method? I'm in physical therapy to mend my knees, and was told to take up any type of exercise that won't hurt the knee joints (swimming, stretching, etc...). 
Did some research and found that the Bar Method helps to strengthen the muscles that support the knees and gives you a better range of flexibility.
I might take this up after P/T.  Would love to hear your thoughts.....
weight loss secrets from "Extreme Makeover" Chris Powell from readers digest
the inevitabilities of aging: how inevitabile are they? from marks daily apple
chocolate-chili cookies from serious eats
no bake creme brulee from serious eats

I love their sense of humor!

We had a heat wave last week and all I could tolerate was cold food with balsamic dressing.
And this cold food too.  (coffee-oreo). I need to re-create this at home--soon.

Looking for some ice cream recipes?
pumpkin & vanilla Oreo ice cream
pumpkin-vanilla oreo ice cream.

blackberry coulis ice cream with salty white chocolate-cream cheese swirls
blackberry coulis with salty white chocolate-cream cheese swirls

chai ice cream with spicy pecans
chai ice cream with spicy pecans

mocha-almond ice cream w/ brownie chunks
mocha almond with brownie chunks

lemon & vanilla oreo ice cream
lemon & vanilla oreo ice cream

blueberry-cream cheese ice cream w/ cookie chunks
blueberry-cream cheese ice cream

chubby wifey ice cream
chubby wifey ice cream.
why should chubby hubby have all the fun?

peanut butter-oreo ice cream
peanut butter-oreo ice cream (my all time favorite).

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your pumpkin-vanilla Oreo ice cream is calling my name! (Seriously.)

  2. I have no idea you had so many ice cream recipes! Wow, seeing them all here makes me want ice cream!

  3. We need to be neighbors.

  4. I would like a scoop of each of those ice creams. Thank you.

  5. All of those ice cream recipes look fantastic! I can't believe you go out for ice cream all the time when you have so many wonderful, unique recipes. I haven't tried the bar method but when I was fighting runner's knee, I was told to try an elliptical. I love it and now cross train with it. It has no pressure on the joint and I always feel like it loosens my knee up.

  6. I'm having trouble thinking of a clever comment to leave....all I can think about is eating ice cream!

  7. way to make me crave ice cream... need to get that bowl in the freezer stat!!

  8. Coffee Oreo ice cream seems to be a new england thing, it is nowhere to be found around us (mid-atlantic) we did a new englang tour two summers ago, maine, new hampshire, boston and found it in most of the ice cream shops that we stopped in to get a treat. The kids were in heaven, their two favorite flavors combined. I made it a few times for the kids before my beloved ice cream maker broke.


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