friday links

Happy Friday indeed!
A nice long holiday weekend to look forward to.
We will have rain all weekend, and then hopefully sun on Monday.
Anyone coming to Cape Cod for the weekend?
I love this!
Hopefully Monday will look like this on the cape.
Need any ideas for baking?
My blueberry shortcake is a huge hit, fairly easy to make too.
peach shortcake with white chocolate infused whipped cream
Peach shortcake with buttermilk biscuits.
extra crunchy broccoli salad
Extra crunchy broccoli salad.
buffalo chicken salad
Buffalo chicken salad.
tomato, cheese & walnut salad
My favorite: tomato, cheddar and walnut salad.
frito salad
Summer salads wouldn't be complete with a Frito Salad! AKA the "man salad" (all condiments).
lobster-tarragon BLT
And of course we need a good kicked up lobster salad BLT.
Pecan Strawberry Crumble Bars
Pecan-strawberry crumble bars.

around the web:

balinese chicken lawar from serious eats
sunshine can greatly benefit health & prolong life from science daily
20 natural disease fighters in fruit from intent blog
6 hidden health benefits of cherries from bliss tree
how to banish body acne for good from bliss tree
see what a week of groceries looks like from around the world from elite daily
the BRCA gene & cancer: do you really want to know? from Dr. Oz
Incan girl perfectly preserved for 500 years from elite daily
what your poop is telling you (informative for sure!) from mind body green
my stroke of luck (stroke survivor story) from NYTimes
roasted strawberry BBQ sauce from closet cooking
when athletic shoes cause injury from NYTimes
japanese vegetable pancakes from smitten kitchen
bacon caramels from margaritas in the rain
jam infused cupcakes from wassims cuisine
strawberry brownie tart from gi365
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chocolate swirl buns from annie eats
open letter from a "fat chick" to Abercrombie & Fitch from write human
avocados signal a healthy diet from Dr. Weil
avocado egg roll with creamy cilantro dip from I wash you dry
10 signs you have too much cortisol from mind body green
astaxanthin: nature's most powerful antioxidant from mercola
what is a "cronut" from fox news
is peanut butter healthy? from marks daily apple
consuming coffee is linked to lower risk of autoimmune liver disease from science daily
7 characteristics associated with longer life from marks daily apple
(wonderful baking conversion chart--bookmark this one)
gluten free myths from huffington post
compound in Mediterranean Diet makes cancer cells mortal from science daily
cookie decorating trouble shooting from bake at 350
frozen banana! from eat the love
tortilla hot dog wraps from BS in the kitchen


  1. I like that you posted a link to an article that says drinking coffee is good for you :). You know I support that! Yummy recipes. I want that broccoli salad. I'm making a strawberry shortcake this weekend...but in more of a bar form. Hopefully it turns out!

  2. loved the frozen banana post from Irvin :) i might actually head to the cape on sunday- have a few friends running the half in hyannis! but really, my takeaway from this, is that i'm craving peaches. so i can make that shortcake...

  3. I liked the link to "Six Hidden Health Benefits of Cherries", especially sour cherries, but I blow the first one of burning belly fat as my favorite use of them is Sour Cherry Crumb Pie. :-) I ate my first local strawberries of the season earlier this week. :-) We leave for Iceland and then Greenland on Tuesday. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  4. Have a wonderful long weekend and hope it's filled with some R & R time!

    Love the links, as always. And that crumble bar (last pic of yours)...YES!

  5. We have a little knick knack of that weather thing with a rock tied to a little rope. ;)

    Yay, love cherries. Thanks for the conversion chart. I'm always trying to figure things out like that.

  6. The blueberry shortcake and lobster BLT have me intrigued.

  7. I love your links! They are so informative and I am so glad you post them. I loved reading about the healthy fruits and sunshine. I wish I could get more sun year round! Just another reason to move to California!

  8. Man- all those salads! THey look fabulous. Thank you for the links as well.

    Your stone thing cracked me up.... noreaster... gone.


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