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Happy Friday!

I've got a lot to share with you.
First, let's get right to the pumpkin recipes!

homemade pumpkin pop tarts w buttermilk glaze
Pumpkin pop tarts with buttermilk glaze

pumpkin & vanilla Oreo ice cream

pumpkin funnel cake crispies

pumpkin pie french toast

pumpkin walnut granola

creamy pumpkin smoothies

pumpkin muffins

pumpkin-coconut bread

pumpkin-nutella fudge puddles

pumpkin cinnamon rolls

pumpkin cheesecake buns

pumpkin quiche with caramelized onions, sage & gorgonzola

savory kale & pumpkin scones

pumpkin chocolate chip bars

pumpkin cheesecake with nutella ganache

pecan pumpkin butter rolls with bourbon cream cheese icing

2-ingredient pumpkin brownies

pumpkin-cream cheese cinnamon rolls
quick & easy pumpkin-cream cheese cinnamon rolls

Isn't this a gorgeous site? I want to go there next summer. (Surf Lodge)

Apple cider vinegar for soft/detangled hair.
Who has tried this?
Does it truly work? I'm scared to try.

Keep cats off kitchen counter.

Amusing video on how ramen noodles are made.

The best life advice from William Faulkner

Some of the best homemade egg rolls I've seen (and 3 types of sauces).

Real video (time lapse) of flight-deck. Do NOT watch if you are afraid of heights!

The evolution of the scrollbar.

4-types of breast cancer. Must read.

BPA (plastic) and your ovaries.

Photos from an airplane graveyard.

I love this tentacle cake stand. (pricey though!)

The ostrich pillow! A safe cocoon for naps.
I totally need this in my life!

Plot-toon: a battalion of toy soliders traverse the dangerous landscape of a garden vegetable patch.
(great video).

Google street view now has under the sea!

Jamy smart toaster.

Yoga for runners: 3 poses for your hamstrings.

Yoga Is: a documentary film.

chipotle chicken fajitas with black bean spread.

slow cooker Sindhi beef curry (I can only imagine how good this must smell while cooking)

chicken tikka salad

frosted speculoos cookie bars


Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Omg I want to open like ALL of those pumpkin links! And then have someone else make it all for me :)

  2. Thanks for including my pumpkin muffins! I appreciate it, and they really are amazing :)

  3. Have used ACV to rinse my hair and face since I was a kid... it works GREAT. My mom always said it restored the ph balance and removed all the crap. You do NOT smell like ACV once you rinse it out!

  4. All picx and recipes looks tempting

  5. Don't be scared of the apple cider vinegar! It works wonders! You must try it immediately...I love all of the recipes as well. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the plug! I got a major pumpkin-flavored sweet tooth scrolling past all of those wonderful pumpkin creations.

  7. Dawn, thanks so much for including my slow cooker beef curry. I love the eclectic mix of links in your Friday links posts.

  8. 2-ingredient brownie? Ostrich pillow? Love the octopus table!

  9. I put a spray bottle of white vinegar in the shower and spritz my hair all-over after shampooing. I rinse it out, but you could leave it, too. It is awesome to keep hair soft. I read somewhere that it closes the cuticle, which smooths hair out.

  10. I need to make the Sindhi Beef Curry very soon. During the winter, when I don't grill outside as often, I frequently cook Indian, Thai, Russian, Cuban, Argentine, German, French, Norwegian, and just about every other nationality food. It sounds like these slow cooker recipes are perfected so I may need to buy the book and dust off the slow cooker.

  11. Let the pumpkin parade begin!!! I just love this season!

  12. Such a delicious batch of links. Will definitely be bookmarking this post.

  13. Okay... the pumpkin goodies are making me drool! The airplane graveyards scares me because I am terrified of flying. The underwater google street maps are awesome - I can't wait to show my kiddos.


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