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The winner of the Aeropress is lucky number 19. Ruby of That's So Vegan you won! Congrats! Please email me and give me your address!


Trendy fire alarms? Absolutely. Check out these bird chirping fire alarms. Love these and would rather have a couple of these instead of the annoying, loud ones I have now.

You've all heard that coocnut oil is really good for you and thankfully we are beginning to see more and more recipes for it. Like this coconut oil granola, not only healthy but healthy food that will not suck. Sounds good to me but I would like to add a bit of chocolate to it--I just love coconut oil with chocolate, they go really well together like here when I made the chocolate hard shell for homemade donuts.

There is a pie shop in Brooklyn called 24 Blackbirds. You might have heard of them and you might have seen them on the cooking channel "Unique Eats". I have their salty caramel apple pie on my to bake list. They are also famous for their "chocolate-oatmeal pie".

Have you ever had a black & blue lemonade? It's a strange little concoction and I was hesitant at first but it really was tasty.

Have you seen these adorable merit badges for the home? Just like the boy or girl scouts but now for the home. A great way to motivate your kids or even your spouse to help out around the house.

Human camouflaged. The 3rd from the bottom is my favorite. Love that wallpaper for a fancy guest bathroom. Right?

Are you into what kind of homes do the celebrities have? How much did they pay for them? Me too. Check out this site: The Real Estalker.

I'm not that into the "instagram" craze. Are you? Here are some fabulous photo app alternatives. I have the Camera+ one and I love it. The app has everything all in one place. Definitely worth the money.

What do you like to collect? Or fancy for a hobby? One of mine is terrarium's. I just love them. Have any good links for them? Please share. I love to collect small and unusual ones.


Terrarium pendant--just love this.

Some reviews of various eBook apps. I love them all. Which one do you have or want?

A lot of the links I share I get from the website called thekitchn.com They share a lot of questions on their website and let the readers answer them in the comment section. Like this one, where they asked us "Are the any foods that should never be stored in the fridge?" See all the helpful answers in the comments.

I love the ginger beer that's sold at Trader Joe's. But it's quite pricey. Here' s way to make it at home. Do you like ginger beer?

Unusual elevators. Very cool.

What are you making for Super Bowl? I really want to make:

Bacon Guacamole. I could eat all that in one sitting.

How about this: bacon double cheeseburger dip. Yeah dip. Wow.

Philly cheesesteak sliders!

Greek Quesadillas

Beef Barbacoa

Baked Jalepeno Poppers

Mocha Cream Tart (oh heavens yes)

But hubby wants these ham & cheese sliders. Easy peasy to make and loaded with lots of topping.

ham & cheese sliders

And these sliders too.

pastrami sliders

chicago dog
But you know, I really want a kicked up hot dog this weekend. So I might make some sort of Chicago Dogs; I do have jars and jars of relish in the fridge that get used once and are left to sit there for years.

buffalo chicken chili
Or maybe some spicy buffalo chicken chili, because I truly crave that blue cheese drizzle on top the most.

Lately it's been really nice on cape cod, not a lot of snow and not a lot of bone chilling cold. Thank goodness. Last year at this time we were up to over 51 inches of snow by now. This year, so far 3-4 inches? Let's keep it that way and just slide right into spring.




Not quite sure what possessed me to be on the beach this day. It was very windy. Can you see the sand blowing around? Crazy day to be on the beach, but it was so very photogenic too.

Woods Hole Ferry.

Harwich port, MA. I could live here. No problem.



He's getting there!

Winter winds blow so much sand the roads have to be plowed for sand.





  1. gorgeous beach photos - love those! :)

  2. Love the beach photos, so different from here in Hawaii.

  3. Love the pictures. Im making some kind of buf chick soup or chili for sunday!! Go pats

  4. NO SNOW!! :) You have a ton of great recipes for Superbowl. I should make one...if I had time.

  5. Only on Cape Cod would they have to pl0w sand! And those ham and cheese sliders are calling my name, how did i miss those?

  6. Hello vanilla sugar! Love all your photos of food and landscape and thanks so much for the Mocha Cream Tart mention. I appreciate it. Your blog looks terrific! Cheers.

  7. I don't know about that bird smoke detector. It definitely looks better, but I need one that will wake me from a deep sleep. I'd be afraid I'd just sleep through that one!

  8. ah, beautiful cape cod photos…there's a chance i may be coming in april!!!

  9. I love the photos! They are so beautiful.

  10. Thanks for sharing the great photos, definitely different than my view out here in AZ.

  11. Great pics mama. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  12. Que de délicieuses astuces chez toi, j'ai adoré
    Je te souhaite une belle journée

  13. Gorgeous photos!!!The sandwiches look so delicious, and the beach, amazing.

  14. i know you've been loving this mild winter, i just hope we're not in for something worse a ways down the road! gorgeous photos, hope you enjoy some delicious food today!! (and everyday, actually.) :)

  15. My husband bought me a terrarium here: http://twigterrariums.com/
    I'd never heard of such a thing!! But, now it sits on my desk at work as a nice little reminder of him. The tiny figure inside holding a sign that says "I Love You" helps also!!

  16. All of this food is making me hungry. You make the best flavour combinations!


  17. Great post! Love the body camouflage pictures and those elevators are cool. I have been wanting to start a terrarium...I love the two you show. The food has me drooling and the beach photos make me want to head to the ocean.

    I hope you have a great week Dawn!

  18. What a lovely & grand post, dear Dawn!

    Excellent Beach pictures too! :)


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