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There hasn't been a lot of sun here on cape cod lately, it's as if our winter (which is mostly rain and snow) is starting too early for me. I'm missing the summer sun and all its brightness. We did have a couple stellar days where it was high 70's, low humidity and bright sun. The sunset for those couple of days were amazing; a spectacular sunset that brought people out of their houses and onto the beach to just stand, be silent and watch. It was almost like being back in California--it was breathtaking; the colors, the air, the calmness of the ocean.

sunset dennis 1



These photos were taken at corporation beach in dennis, mass. Can you imagine living in this house with those views?

Love finding little critters in the ocean at low tide.


Found this little guy in my backyard swimming in the sun.

You know for a couple years now I've been waiting for the perfect timing to occur and capture a shot of the cape cod railroad. Finally got one! If you ever come to the cape you should try this, it's fun in the off season months like october when it's not as packed. The rail travels along the great cape salt marsh to cape cod canal; they're infamous for traveling through the cow tunnels: one cow high, one cow wide. They give you a scenic/narrated tour along the trail, along with a great lunch or dinner. It's worth it if you are a history buff.

We still have massive seal sightings on the cape cod national seashore. Can you see the seal? They are huge; some of them are just as big if not bigger than a shark. It's moments like this when I wish I had a fancy camera, but the iphone gets great shots for now.

I love when the tide is low and you can wade through the water, searching for all kinds of critters.


Remember last winter when I introduced you to Mabel? She's back, having her pre-evening stroll. She's quite the character, and must say hello to EVERYONE on the beach before walking home.


The swells at cape cod national seashore have been pretty big, well pretty big for cape cod. A good handful of surfers out making the most of it. The weather this weekend was perfect. I'm really going to miss summer, so not ready for winter.



  1. With all of these gorgeous photos I am missing ther summer months as well, but with it fall brings pumpkins:D

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! I hope y'all get a few more gorgeous days before the cold sets in for good. That turtle and bulldog are both so cute! love!! Thank you (always) for your sweet comments.

  3. Love the photos. I still dont remember getting my invite to come up and visit you.

  4. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos. I oftentimes wished I lived closer to the coastline. The ocean sure does make a beautiful landscape to look out onto.

  5. Haha! That little crab is freaking adorable. Glad you're enjoying those sunsets before the winter kicks in!

  6. Beautiful, as always, Dawn! Mable is so cute. And I love that you had a turtle in your yard!

  7. I love the beach too! I want summer to last longer... too! There's always the tropics ;) Awesome pics with your iPhone.

  8. i love your blog....it is awesome!

  9. beautiful pics! I couldn't agree more---please stay summer! I'm still in denial that Winter is quickly approaching!

  10. What could possibly be better than Cape Cod in fall? Your photos are stunning.

  11. What lovely photos. It looks so peaceful!

  12. Gosh it looks lovely! I hope to visit the Cod one day!

  13. I visited Massachusetts for the first time this summer and -- even though real winter is still a couple months away in the Carolinas -- these photos are making me miss it.

  14. Love those photos!! and hi mabel :) here's to a few more good days!

  15. De bien belles images
    Je te souhaite un bon mercredi


  16. Awww, look at those little critters! See, you can have a taste of California where you are. The color of the sun over the water is gorge.

  17. Gorgeous cake Dawn. It just speak fall to me.

  18. Thank you for the tips - we hope to be in Cape Cod soon


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