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Happy Friday!
I can't believe it's Friday already!
This week flew by, yes, no?
I have to ask, did any try out my healthier chocolate chip cookies?
Dying to know what you thought. They are just so good, I'm curious if anyone noticed what I noticed and that they were almost exactly like regular chocolate chip cookies.
The light has been breathtaking on cape cod lately. I want summer to come back...
Brand spanking new tugboat. I watched him get used to the new maneuvering in the cape cod canal the other day. Apparently the newer ones are quieter--now you know!
Last time I took a photo like this it was 90 degrees and I almost jumped in with the others.
And now it's 35 degrees; ocean temp maybe 48-50?

around the web:

man successfully sues woman over ugly children (unreal)
school teacher wears same outfit for yearbook for 40 years
16 foods to help you sleep
mind-body therapies to ease insomnia
chocolate chip cheesecake on brownie crust
a dear friend of mine found me my most favorite video ever: more cowbell baby!
greatest moments in Boston sports history (BOSTON STRONG!)
movies & their food pairings
everything you don't know about tipping
40 ways to make creative mac & cheese
5 hearty rice dishes
wet chocolate cake + minute boil fudge frosting
sitting is unhealthy unless you're physically fit
30 simple ways to help prevent cancer
another good reason to eat avocados
bride of paraplegic vet gets surprise of her life on their wedding day (get the Kleenex out!)
laughing owl
which apples are best for cooking, baking & eating raw
wearable feedbags for humans!
peanut butter cream pie
logos with hidden messages
sweet potato casserole cupcakes!
baby block cake pops (how creative is this?)
asian portobello tacos
6 things to do today to help you grow as a blogger
surprising news about your eyes
foolproof pie crust
how do probiotics help the brain?
defending against the flu: is vaccination the best policy?
how to get more good brown fat
seasonal affective disorder: how to overcome the disorder


Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love the hidden logo link! That is just so so cool. Going to check out the mac and cheese link too :) Happpppy Friday!!

  2. Couldn't help myself from clicking on The ugly children story. Cosmetic surgery? Beyond belief.
    I'd never seen the cowbell video. Funny. Used to love SNL...my kids gave me all the videos from the Radner/Belushi days.

    Got to make a couple comments about the tipping. I tip valet $3...guess I'm in the middle there. But re my haiardresser: she owns the shop and my mother (yes I know that's supposedly antiquated) always said no tipping the owner. So I don't. Frankly, if I tipped her, I couldn't afford her services. I give her something at Christmas. Have spoken to a couple friends that go to her about the same thing...they don't tip either.

    I've been fascinated by all the articles about sitting and how unhealthy it is. At my age, I do more sitting than I used to, but do work out an hour every day, strenuously. And the normal stuff one does during the day. But I do spend a lot of time reading.

    I had seen the apple list...actually stuck it on my desktop, Very helpful.
    Feedbags...too funny.
    Hidden logos...a fascinating read.
    The Pinterest tip for adding blog name is a great idea. Going to do it today.
    Going to try that piecrust.
    Guess I'll keep taking my probiotics!
    I get a flu shot annually. Most of my friends don't. Oddly.
    Good links! Even sent one to my daughter.

  3. Gorgeous pics as always! I'm so obsessed with avocados, but their such a pain in the butt. Too ripe, not ripe enough, totally rotten. I have wasted sp much effort and money on those elusive avocados. Those blog tips are great - now to implement them.

  4. Beautiful light over the water! I love having more reasons to eat avocados. And, I'm happy to eat more Brazil nuts too. Thanks for the info!

  5. Great pictures, particularly the kitty one. ;-) Love the links -- thanks.


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