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Sometimes I have recipes that never make it to the blog.
Photos are horrid or the food is hard to photograph, but the recipe came out great.
I hate to waste the post, so I thought I'd share them on the friday links.
This one is mississippi mud cake. Truly delicious recipe, just hard to photograph when it's fresh out
of the oven.  Should have let it cool down a bit.
With this recipe I added on crushed Oreo's to the top.
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This little guy was so unusual I just had to get a photo of him.
He's also quite big.
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My eyes get so dry in the summer heat, this Evian mist really helps (just blink and spray).
If you have sensitive eyes do just a little.
I'm loving this new fragrance from marc jacobs.
Summer has gone by so fast. It's already August--I wish summer would slow down a bit.
From coast guard beach at Nauset Light on cape cod.
The cam from coast guard beach, cape cod.
Want to see how the traffic is on the cape?
Sagamore Bridge cam
Other cape cod cams

around the web:

why potassium is good for us (good in-depth article)
how does food affect your mood?
best ways to get rid of fruit flies
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coconut cream pie
bacon cannoli!
14 inspirational books
learn more about the bubonic plague
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simple crafts to do with the kids
common sense exercises to help with belly fat
how nutrition affects your feet
johnny cakes
the sea chair (I love this video and concept)
homeless dog hits the adoption jackpot!
banana cream cheesecake pie
pineapple-coconut water drink (heavenly!)
best foods for diabetics
DIY italian ice
"marry me" cookies
bacon wrapped tater tot bombs
new treatment for depression shows immediate results
a diary of tomatoes
cold summer borscht
rhubarb cheesecake with vanilla bean
man heals stage 3 colon cancer with raw food diet
how safe is our food? top 10 contaminates
photographers headless hoax
a french facial at home?
the most nutrient-dense foods
now the ice cubes from Walmart don't melt in the sun? what?
80 odd years of happy
mother shamed on beach because of stretch marks
13 things not to order at a restaurant
help for halting autism symptoms
sweet peach iced tea popsicles


Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I often post recipes that don't look the best because they're too tasty not to share. So bummed summer is flying by. Found the link about the guy who cured his cancer incredibly interesting. Thanks for sharing!


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