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Happy Friday!

So this little nugget of goodness made the most popular rounds on my Instagram account.
It was really good.  Coffee-Oreo ice cream with extra jimmies.
That photo is like 3D.

Umm, speaking of ice cream  Hello Haagen Daz!
Please send this to me!

And for a healthier choice to ice cream, try this Coconut Bliss dark chocolate bars.
I had no idea they were that good; tastes like a fudgesicle only better. And way less fat, without
sacrificing taste.

Did I ever tell you how much I love the owner of the cape cod dairy queen?
I know you've seen me post his other messages.

Sometimes living on cape cod does have it's perks.
This guy here is a 2.5 pounder and he was delish!

That cocktail sauce will put hair on your chest!
Seafood from Cape Fish & Lobster.

My mimosa tree is blooming!
During Hurricane Sandy I lost half the tree and didn't think he would make it,
but so far he's bouncing back ok. Not perfectly and it's still half a tree but I just
can't cut him down at this point.

It was national hot dog day. Did you celebrate?  LOL
Here is my version of quick & easy cheese corn dogs.
I used Trader Joe's cornbread mix as the batter, and added some cheese to it.
Came out perfectly.  Super crispy.
Make sure to pick up Trader Joe's corn relish to serve with these.

pb fudge puddles
My peanut butter-fudge puddle cookies were very popular this week.
Were you guys craving them?

My morning glory muffins were also one of the most D/L recipes of the week.

around the web:

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chocolate donuts with chocolate glaze
dog almost passes out from overwhelming joy (SO cute!)
deadly plague spreading in colorado
four seasons bora bora is my #1 item on my bucket list
maine wild blueberry pie recipe (can someone please get me some Maine wild blueberries?
They make the best blueberry pies ever!)
4 ways to preserve blueberries 
(also, on my Facebook page, we talked about freezing blueberries,
best tips, etc...and I received some of the best tips from my readers.
So thank you...all for that! I love talking to you all!)
greenheads: the beast of the northern wild
man has eaten pizza everyday for 25 years
DIY butterfly feeder
confronting others: for their sake or yours?
how to repair your cracked iphone
how to make a chocolate chip cookie for one
tell me more about chia seeds?
lois lee's icebox pickles
DIY fondant lobster tutorial (cute)
homemade fiddle stix & magic shell
diet & activities to help prevent aging
awkward pregnancy photos of all time (yikes)
tropical ice cream terrine
DIY homemade butter in 4 easy steps
how to get rid of wrinkles without an iron
10 ways to beat menopausal belly fat
roundup of summer salsa's from Whole Foods
great summary of the best & worst coconut waters
I LOVE this Whole30 as the best nutritional plan
sensible exercises/yoga poses for the belly
is it ok to use sprouted garlic?
telemarketer pesticide
11 fool proof steps for perfect salsa verde
9 signs you need more fat
horace & the rough stuff fellowship (wonderful video of Iceland via mountain bike travels)
the best & worst sleeping positions
doctor's secret weapon against back pain (LOVE this!)
elderberry sauce recipe (I've never had elderberries, have you?)
emotion tracking calendar to track how good or bad your month went
tolerating what you hate
I'm feeling lucky! Lucky numbers for a healthier life.
a yearning for the wild
best sources of iodine
rainbow cookie cake
wonderful shortcut on tempering chocolate (from America's Test Kitchen)
apricot & cherry tart w/ marzipan topping


Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That ice cream looks amazing!! Love the DQ sign :P All of your pics look delish! I've never had elderberries either, although that recipes sounds delish :)

  2. Thank you for directing me to those fudge puddle cookies...holy cow they look good! Also, i need that rainbow cookie cake in my life...

  3. So hard to take down trees, especially when they're that beautiful. Glad your tree is bouncing back. The emotional calendar is interesting but sometimes I don't know if I'd want to see the results!


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