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Happy Friday kids!

What's on tap for this wonderful summer weekend?

I shall try every flavor this summer.
When it's just too hot cook, I love to fix up a condiment salad with plenty of Catalina dressing.
It's blueberry pie season!
The buffalo chicken pizza at Whole Foods is so good!
Yummy hot dogs at the "walk up food bar" at Whole Foods Cape Cod.
I'm so glad winter is gone.
Ocean temp is about 65 degrees, feels much warmer when the sun is out though.
tomato & cheese hand pies
Tomato season is coming!
I've got a quick & easy recipe for tomato & cheddar hand pies.
One bowl caramel-pecan brownies!
Easy peasy for the weekend.

around the web:

brownie waffle cookies (I wish I had a waffle iron still)
this is your body without water
cauliflower rice (this looks so easy!)
waffle + falafel = wafalafel
why iron rich foods are important
20 mantras to help you feel more confident
what a literary agent wants to see when they google you
why eating a big breakfast helps you lose weight
DIY wind chimes--great for the kids this summer
man wears Mentos coated suit & jumps in vat of diet coke (I know, I know!)
peanut butter waffles (I'm on a waffles kick)
hummus salad dressing! (brilliant)
natural remedies for sunburns
20 cancer symptoms women are most likely to ignore
empathic people are natural targets for sociopaths
s'mores pop tart slab pie
four foods rich in magnesium
how to get rid of writers block
best superfood for detoxing
cat in the bag! (I wasn't sure if this was real, but it is)
how to use google analytics (very helpful!)
the many healing wonders of turmeric
exercise & protein may help good gut bacteria
peony care: tips to grow healthy plants
conch shell headphones
rainbow tie-dye surprise cake (excellent tutorial)
vietnamese coffee ice cream (no cook)
a list of the best hair conditioners (what do you use?)
chocolate chip cookie milk shooters
grains & your joints
rose-infused lemonade
5 "not so super foods"?
diet or exercise? 'energy balance' is real key to disease prevention
DIY treat & candy wrappers
DIY fortune teller (the ones you made as a kid)
how to make pancakes with your rice cooker
tips for growing your hair
are you a "word nerd"? follow these twitter accounts to improve your vocab
the genesis of genius
cut your cake & keep it fresh too
decaying mansion of antiques
the rotting rothschild mansion
mike tyson's deserted 1980's mansion
food ingredient fears
16 things that affect your gut bacteria
more great uses & health benefits of turmeric
overcoming stress by saying thanks
15 mind blowing ways your body heals after quitting smoking


Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. YES to summer and ice cream. Brr to your ocean temperatures! Did I tell you that the first summer when we moved from San Francisco to MA, I got pneumonia during the summer? I would get out of the cold ocean water and just lay on the beach and I got SO sick haha. Any who, Checking out the hair conditioners and hummus salad links! Happy Weekend D!

  2. Thanks for adding my peanut butter waffles recipe. I am glad you like it ;-)

  3. I'm starting to think you live at Whole Foods!!!! and I don't blame you!
    enjoy your weekend :)

  4. Bourbon Caramel Pistachio Brittle Ice Cream!!! Send me a pint please :) We grow peonies and they are just beautiful. But girl how do you not have a waffle iron? You so need one!

  5. I love those ice cream places that have absolutely everything. Curious to know how far you get in your flavor-eating goal. Mmm, I need to try that condiment salad.So many good links as usual!


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