chocolate chip cookie ice cream (no churn, no cook)

I remember watching an episode of Martha Stewart (years ago) and her 5-minute celebrity guest of the day was Andy Rooney.
Two very strong-minded people sharing the stage for 5 minutes to talk about food, this should be good. Curious to see "what food" Andy was all about; never imagined Andy Rooney liking anything out the norm or being a foodie--always imagined him as a "I'll have the same chicken salad for lunch every single day kind of guy".
Ice cream, he is an avid ice cream maker!  Makes his own batches, and he likes to do it the old fashioned way; they really old fashioned way: hand churn.
Ever see one of those machines?  A hand churn ice cream maker that sits over ice?
They are a lot of work; a lot of work when it's really hot outside.
If you watch the above video, his recipe is almost like this one, no eggs, no cook, just heavy creams
mixed with sweetened condensed milk.  Fairly easy.
To be honest, I never made a no churn ice cream, always thought they were going to taste horrible
because of the missing egg custard.  But in all honestly you cannot tell the difference.
I played around with the recipe a bit, by adding in high quality vanilla beans to make a nice vanilla
ice cream base.  The vanilla beans really give it a nice smooth vanilla taste, not too strong, not too sweet--just right.  Once you've made the base, the add's are literally endless.
This time I chose chocolate chip cookies since I've always wanted to make my own with extra cookies added in.
I hate getting ice cream from a local stand and there are just a couple pieces of cookies in there.
What's up with that?
This recipe should be filed under "ridiculously quick & easy" because it is.
It took me 2 minutes to chop up cookies, 2 minutes to gather ingredients, 2 minutes to stir, then 3 hours to freeze.  Crazy easy!  I am making this recipe my go to for easy, delicious vanilla ice cream.
As long as you use good quality vanilla bean paste or vanilla bean pods then you will have really good vanilla ice cream base in which to create other ice creams.
This vanilla bean custard is literally one of the best ice cream custards I've made next to an egg-based one.
I just love how easy this is to whip up together.  Perfect for those very hot summer days when you want to do as little work as possible when making anything food related.
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chocolate chip cookie ice cream (no cook, no churn)
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1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
1 pint + ½ pint of heavy cream, cold
1 pint whipping cream, cold
1 ¼ ts of pure vanilla bean paste (I highly recommend Nielsen-Massey brand)
giant pinch of sea salt

about 1 to 1 ½ cups of chopped chocolate chip cookies

cook notes:
Using vanilla bean paste gave this a really good vanilla ice cream; it was so good just one its own. So if you’re looking for a good vanilla ice cream, this is it.
If you don’t have vanilla bean paste then use the seeds from a couple of vanilla bean pods. You can use vanilla extract, but it won’t give that nice, deep vanilla flavor.
I added a lot of chopped cookies to this; you don’t have to; add what you like.
The best time to add the cookies is when the ice cream is halfway frozen.  If you add the cookies to the unfrozen custard they will sink to the bottom.
In a medium bowl, mix all the ingredients except the cookies together.  Mix until all is dissolved. Pour into a freeze-safe glass or other bowl that has a tight fitting cover.  I used a large glass bowl that has a tight fitting lid.
About an hour to an hour and a half later, you can add in the cookies; as long as the ice cream is kind of set up.  I just put cookies on top of soft ice cream and pushed them down with a spatula.
If you add the cookies to the unfrozen custard they will sink to the bottom.
Let freeze another 2 hours.
Makes about 1 & ½ pints, roughly?


  1. I have the bean paste that I found in a store in Vancouver. Also love the idea of a quick no churn ice cream. Great idea.

  2. When I was little, we made ice cream in a hand-crank machine with ice. We would all take turns. It took forever! We later upgraded to a motorized version but still with actual ice in a wood bucket. Homemade ice cream is the best, especially with cookies!

  3. We've made ice cream with one of those old-fashioned ice cream makers (luckily ours had motor, so no hand cranking) plus the modern freezer kind. They're OK, but no-churn is the way to go! Your version looks great -- love the flavor! Thanks so much.

  4. This looks great - especially sandwiched between cookies!

  5. I couldn't even wait for this to finish setting up before I stole a scoop. This recipe is dangerous... I foresee ALOT of ice cream sandwiches in my future!

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  6. hooray for ice cream recipes requiring no machine! this sounds like it would satisfy any possible craving i could ever have. :)

  7. I need to make a batch of ice cream. And then sandwich it between cookies like you did. The only thing better than ice cream is an ice cream sandwich!

  8. I would be very happy with a bowl of this in front of me. Hope you ate this through the storm! And that all is well.

  9. I just churned up a batch of ice cream, but yeah...it would be much easier without the custard! Definitely trying this next time!

  10. Man this looks good! I can never stop myself from eating spoonfuls of the unfrozen custard...yum. I still need to pull out my ice cream maker for the season.


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