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Happy Happy Friday!
First day of summer this Saturday!
Do they have to park at the end of my driveway?
Are you coming to the Cape this weekend?
It's going to be beautiful weather.
Why can't we have summer year round?
Winter is so.....pointless.
I hope to do a little stand up paddle boarding this weekend.
What are your plans?
Did I tell you yet that Cape Cod has it's own Whole Foods now?
I might have mentioned it a couple times.  LOL
They have really good pizza.
White peaches are in season--let's make a tart!
chubby wifey ice cream
Chubby wifey ice cream?
peanut butter-Oreo ice cream
peanut butter-oreo ice cream
pb fudge puddles
peanut butter-fudge puddle cookies are DANGEROUS!

around the web:

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key lime cheesecake milkshakes!
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will ferrell & chad smith drum off (I love this!)
5 ways to improve your day
banana & brown sugar popsicles
armpit cleanse: to reduce breast cancer risk
artsy craftsy sequin projects!
overcoming excuses & believing in what you can do!
yep spiders that eat fish exist!
America's happiest seaside towns (yay to p-town!)
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NY style paleo pizza crust
can intermittent fasting help you?
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6 superfoods for a healthy prostate
common insecticides may be linked to child behavior problems
runaway juno: she's living the dream I want--traveling!
high levels of cancer-causing compounds found in hairdressers blood
breast cancer risk factors connected to 102 chemicals
bacon & avocado macaroni salad
anatomy of a starbucks beverage
fruits, foods & drinks that revitalize & restore
6 tips to get you motivated when you're feeling depressed
Globe Trekker fans!
people who overshare on Facebook just want to belong
the difference between rolled oats, steel-cut oats & quick oats
hair perfume?
DIY beehive cake
world cup themed cakes & cupcakes
22 tricks to avoid bloating
Oh Joy goes to London!
easy focaccia made in your skillet
sriacha bacon wrapped onions rings
quick & easy berry jam
grilled middle eastern lamb burgers w/ garlic sauce
chocolate swirl paleo banana bread

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Totally agree- summer year round!!!!! CHecking out anatomy of starbucks, the NY style paleo crust, and make your own electrolyte drink! Thanks D! Happy weekend <3

  2. Your white peach tart looks amazing! And I checked out (and loved) Juno's blog. So beautiful.

  3. Toxic people: I actually know someone like this...she's at the gym. Luckily, I don't have much interaction with her.
    Happiest seaside towns: I've been to 5 of them and have to agree. The problem is, 5 of them also have to face bad winters. :(
    Re: cancer in hairdressers' blood: what about MY blood? I've been coloring for years and years.
    Was surprised at some of the bloating causes. Bread? Milk? Coffee? Weird.

    P.S. I DO have summer year 'round!

  4. I'm all for year summer. Of course that's why I want to move to CA or FL or AZ. Then I'll have it and be happy forever. Happy summer and happy weekend!

  5. I've never been to Cape Cod. It looks lovely, very serene compared to the California coastline.

    The peanut butter fudge cookies particularly caught my attention - they look incredible.

  6. A ice cream truck, lots of ice cream and pizza in one post? I want to be your best friend! :)


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