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Happy Friday kids!

my homemade granola thins have been most downloaded for the week.
my copycat peanut butter twix bars are also very popular.
I'm ashamed to say, cookies & milk was dinner one night this week.
This is Roger.
He lives under my back deck, he loves sitting in the sun, swimming, and will eat a bite or two of my strawberries.
He's kind of friendly and I'm totally digging it.
I think he's a Libra :-)
I think the cape is finally having a decent spring in years.  It's been sunny, not humid, but cool.
AND not a lot of rain, thank goodness!
Normally the cape only gets winter then boom, right into summer with heat, so this is a blessing.
And this was dinner another night.  Better choices.
In an attempt to un-do damage from said chocolate chip cookie dinners dinner, I am having raw food
juices made fresh at Whole Foods Cape Cod.
This is a beet, kale, lawn clippings, apple, and lemon juice.

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Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Awww, Roger's a cutie. Those are both totally appropriate dinners...as is ice cream, my dinner of choice in the summer.

  2. theres nothing wrong with cookies for dinner, is there?! LOL

  3. Cookies and milk sounds like my kind of dinner! :) The peanut butter Twix bars sound delicious, I'll have to try that sometime. :)

  4. I love the frog! Gah! SO cute- we have a ton in our backyard and Kay is obsessed (ok...me too). Checking out the cinnamon toast crunch, greek salad and instagram links. Happy weekend D!

  5. Wildlife is so awesome this time of year. We have frogs, hummingbirds, even baby squirrels and we're still hoping for baby ducks!

    I love Instagram and its filters. I think they look better than when I edit pics!

  6. Kale in a smoothie rights all wrongs! And, now I'm going to need some granola thins in my life. Right away.

  7. Those granola thins are a definite keeper.

  8. So cute frog :) and cookies and milk is totally normal dinner.
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  9. Love those Twix bars. And as always, your Friday links (the best on the web!). Thanks.


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