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Happy Friday!
The long weekend is ahead of us.
What are your plans?
I hope the traffic on cape cod won't be too bad. Ha, who am I kidding?
Anyone coming to the Cape?
They say kind of crappy weather Sat & Sun, but Monday is looking good.
Don't forget the Cape just got their own Whole Foods Market!
I was stuck in traffic on the Sagamore Bridge, and able to snap this photo of the cape cod canal.
Bonk Breakers are really good.
I love the almond butter & honey and the peanut butter-chocolate chip.
A very filling protein bar without all the junk and fillers.
Veggies & cream cheese the lazy way.
Is that true?
Veggie rolls with bread & butter pickles, really tasty. No really!
My favorite smoothie: blackberries, banana, protein powder, milk or almond milk.
My other bad addiction: strawberry shortcake made with pound cake and fresh whipped cream.
Found at Whole Foods. Don't buy it, you'll get hooked.  Their pound cake is INSANELY good.

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and finally, the best drum off in ages: will ferrell challenges chad smith to a drum off
PLUS more cowbell makes an appearance.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. LOVE Bonk Breaker bars.

    Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend, Dawn!

  2. I may need to visit Whole Foods to find that strawberry shortcake LOL! Have a great weekend!

  3. hahah- no traffic at the cape on the weekend? Does that ever happen? The Bonk Breakers look delicious. Checking out the digestive habits and PB croutons!

  4. Your smoothie looks so vibrant. I love smoothies but don't typically use blackberries because of the seeds. Are the seeds noticeable in the smoothie? Also what protein powder do you use? I know I need more protein on my diet.

  5. Hope you had a great weekend! I live near the gulf coast of Florida and this ime of year with only two lanes heading to the coast and away from the coast can be a long drive in traffic.


  6. I really think my right palm is itching!


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