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Happy Friday!

Received a wonderful sample of Puro Coffee.
What a treat, such a nice, mild, not bitter at all coffee.
Puro Fairtrade coffee is lovingly blended, roasted and packed in Turnhout, Belgium by Miko, a company that has been roasting coffee since 1801 and is in fact older than their own country!
Using Miko’s 200+ years of industry knowledge and expertise, we became one of the first coffee brands in the world to challenge the mis-conception that Fairtrade coffee is poorer in quality and taste than its less fair counterparts.
My favorite was the Puro Organic: amazingly delicate blend is distinctive in flavor. It combines beautifully soft notes of chocolate with citric over tones.
The Puro Noble (comes in decaf): The complex character of this blend comes from the mild and smooth yet floral Guatemalan high grown Arabicas skillfully blended with the Peruvian Arabicas for a perfect balance of flavor. Through the addition of the premium Robusta, a hint of dark chocolate is injected into the cup thus ensuring this blend works well in all situations.
The Puro Fuerte: intense fiery blend this dark roasted blend of high grown Arabica’s with the finest Ugandan Robusta’s creates a warm balanced cup with lively fragrant flavors, which when added to perfectly tempered milk creates a bitter sweet chocolate.
Puro Coffee PRIDES itself on sustainability.  Coffee sales to date, have funded the protection of more than 10,000 acres of rainforest across 6 countries.
The Puro Guatemalan Rainforest Reserve safeguards both rainforest and water sources used by local villages and coffee farmers. New species of tree, frogs and orchids (one named after Puro) were discovered in the Puro Ecuadorian Rainforest Reserve. Puro also employs a ranger here for protection against loggers and poachers.Puro_Hummingbird
For more information please visit Puro Fairtrade Coffee USA
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Always a treat when I receive a cookbook to review, especially one that truly speaks to me.
How can one not love a kicked up hot dog cookbook?
Even one that tells you how to make the condiments AND the buns?
Haute Dogs by Russell van Kraayenburg
You might recognize Russell from his food blog Chasing Delicious 
Just in time for outdoor summer grilling, Haute Dogs is a gorgeous, well-laid out cookbook, that will definitely have you wanting to make hot dogs the moment you open the first page!
Every single hot dog genre is covered!  Thank goodness!
I can't recommend this cookbook enough.
PicMonkey Collage
Haute Dogs: Recipes for Delicious Hot Dogs, Buns & Condiments

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ow! Yayy for free coffee. Going to read the health benefits of bananas and four truths about weight loss- have a GREAT weekend!!

  2. I'm now craving a fifth cup of coffee and a swanky hotdog, thanks. :D

  3. Now I am craving a hot dog! Love your Friday tidbits! Happy weekend.

  4. LOVE the hummingbird banner for the coffee and their conscientious practices.

    I've been looking for a good liege waffle recipe since I had my first one in NYC, Nov 2005. I remember the date!

    Selfies are a bit odd, but selfie-videos on instagram talking about having a cold are even more weird, no?

    Love your Friday links! Have a great w/end, doll. xo

  5. yup, bring on the butter... and peanut butter :)

  6. I love kettle corn and strawberries. Also loved that Ben and Jerry's article. Have a great day!

  7. 4 truths: the biggie is accountability. I am a cheat.
    Would rather not read hot and dry for summer weather. Know it will be hot, but dry? Does that mean no hurricanes I wonder?
    I don't know about exercising in warm water, but exercising period losers blood pressure.
    If bananas are so good for us, why does every diet I've ever been on say no bananas?
    How cool is that printer?

  8. Mmm. The Haute Dog book looks amazing. I love bananas and it makes me happy to hear they are SO good for us! I love that 78 year old lady - so awesome!

  9. I can't wait to try that grilled cheese sandwich trick. And I couldn't help but check out that handstand - at least for the first few seconds, until I couldn't watch it anymore!


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