peanut butter-banana oat snack cake

I love when I get emails from my readers saying they love this recipe or asking me if they can swap out something and add in something else.
Love those. It's tells me you're being creative!
But the other day I got a wonderful question/comment from a reader stating they, like me, have no kitchen aid mixer and no hand mixer either. And that they are so glad that my recipes can be done without a mixer; just a strong arm is needed!
Well now I don't feel so all alone!
I honestly thought it was just me doing all this baking and cooking "little house on the prairie" style--
aka by hand.
One of the reasons I started the whole "quick & easy" category on the blog, and why I put the phrase
"one bowl easy" in my posts and recipes.
I know most people are drawn to one bowl easy PLUS tasty. I am too!
So for those of you that do not know, I do NOT have a mixer.
Do I want one?
Yes, I do, financially times are tough and the money goes to the house or the abundant student loans we have in our house.
I truly think we will be paying our student loans until age 80.....
With all that said, here is another very easy recipe, that can "almost" be classified as one bowl easy.
This snack cake is quick to make, but more importantly it isn't heavy, or too sweet.
How should I classify it?
Lightened up blondie with oats, peanut butter and bananas?!?
Yeah, that's definitely it.
My husband, who hates oatmeal, health food, and bananas loved these--so go figure.
If I had to make these again, I would add in some peanuts, pecans or walnuts.
It just needs a bit of texture/crunch.
One bowl easy and one pan easy too.


peanut butter-banana oat snack cake

2 cups flour
½ ts baking soda
½ ts baking powder
½  ts sea salt
1 cup old fashioned oats
12 TB (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, melted & cooled
8 ounces cream cheese room temp.
1 and ¼ cup peanut butter (not oily peanut butter)
2 ripe bananas
1 cup light brown sugar, not packed (loose)
½  cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Spray with non-stick spray or generously butter a 9 x 13 pan.
In small bowl, whisk all dry ingredients and the oats together; set aside.
With electric mixer, or by hand, mix butter and cream cheese together until smooth.
Add in sugars and beat until thoroughly combined.
Add in eggs and mix, then add in the bananas and mix till all combined.
Then by hand add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients.  
Pour batter into well-greased 9 x 13 pan.
Bake about 25-30 minutes; mine was done at the 25-minute mark.
You’ll know it’s done by the light golden edges.
Definitely check the cake at the 20-minute mark.

Let this cool at least 15-20 minutes before slicing.


  1. I think I should only read your blog when I have time to bake...because I immediately want to bake when I read your posts!! Great swap outs!

  2. I want to make this right now! I also like you have no kitchen aid mixer, so I give my weak arm muscles quite a workout! :)

  3. I had no idea you didn't have a mixer! Wow, I'm even more impressed by your creations!! I hear ya on the student loan angst - that's why I'm still using a p&s camera and using books as a tripod. :D

    This cake looks scrumptious!!

  4. No mixer...wow, you are working out your arms with every recipe:)So since I'm constantly baking banana bread this gives me a reason to venture into something different! Love this quick snack cake and the kids can mix it up in a bowl and not break my mixer;D xx

  5. Lightened up blondies. With peanut butter. It's like you can read my mind...

  6. Natch, I went to Friday Links first. copied two recipes for future use and LOVED 27 hacks. I really ought to save that link.
    As far as mixers are concerned, I try to mix by hand as often as I can just because I don't want to haul out that heavy machine and then have to clean everything after. Pure laziness. Love your one bowl recipes, Dawn. And the fact that this cake is not terribly sweet.

  7. oats, peanut butter and banana? can you just send the batch my way? :) love getting a good arm workout!!

  8. wow! looks good... i need to have a plate...

  9. I have a mixer but I usually end up making most of my baked goods by hand. I bet your biceps look awesome! :)

    The cake looks super tasty.

  10. these look great and thats cool you make it all by hand love your baking

  11. Pb and bananas are such a good combo. I do have all the fancy mixers but most of the time, I far prefer to mix by hand. It's fun and kind of therapeutic. Just don't ask me to whip egg whites by hand ;)

  12. Two bananas in our kitchen now have a place to go!

  13. Sometimes, I think it's great to go low-tech (or no-tech). I like getting away with owning as few appliances as possible. I do have a mixer, but don't have a blender or food processor. It's amazing what you don't really need!

  14. my fruit-peanut butter combo of juice uses apples, but bananas are grand too. this is a great cake, dawn!

  15. I sometimes feel ambiguous to post recipes that require not only a mixer, but a stand mixer, since it's not accesible for everyone. Doing everything by hand reminds me of a few months I went to pastry school, wow, did we have to work for it!. And then this cake has all favorite ingredients, especially oats! so I can pretty much eat half of it! And so easy to make if it's one bowl!

  16. i had no idea you didn't use a mixer. now i am even more impressed by you! this cake sounds amazing.


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