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Krusteaz recently sent me some of their new Molten Deep Dish Cookies mixes to try.

Krusteaz Molten Deep Dish Cookies are unique treats that combine the best of chewy cookie texture AND a creamy center in one DELISH cookie!
These are really good AND they are one bowl easy.
But the best part?
That molten packet that you use to fill the cookies with?  Krusteaz gives you plenty of it.  Most companies do not.
I think you're going to like these new Molten Deep Dish cookies; they are one bowl easy too with only three easy steps!
Krusteaz is giving away one set (1 box of each) to one lucky winner.
All you have to do to enter is tell us what other molten cookie flavors should Krusteaz come up with?
ONE COMMENT per person please.
Please have a valid email address in your comment.
ALL anonymous comments will be deleted.
Drawing ends 9/20/13
Sugar cookie with a molten chocolate filling
Chocolate cookie with molten caramel filling
Classic cookie with molten chocolate filling
Want to try these now?  Find a store near you that sells Krusteaz products click here. 
I tried the chocolate cookie with molten caramel filling.
So easy to make; literally 3-step easy.
They were really good!
I sprinkled a little bit of sea salt over the caramel middles before baking.  Try it!
Don't forget to enter!  Tell me and Krusteaz, what should their next molten cookie flavor be?

Around the web:

The sandwiches from Starbucks are actually quite good.  I love the turkey & havarti.


When you live on cape cod, this happens--a lot. Need a caption for this one.

We had a lot of great white's on the cape this summer. First sign I've seen posted in years.
Photo courtesy of Atlantic White Shark 
I will miss summer.
Best kind of dinner. From Chatham Fish & Lobster
Hard to let summer go.  I'm always dreaming of an endless summer.
Best part of the summer? Exploring the wonders of the sea.

peach caramels from love and olive oil (doesn't that sound good?)
like chicken & waffles?  how about chicken & waffle melts!
I'm loving these 7-layer magic cupcakes
a better take on the pop tart: chocolate fudge pop tarts
think you're low on magnesium? read this helpful article from natural society
the importance of probiotics in your life
I just love these baby onesies...so cute!
exercise more BUT sleep more first!
what a great idea for ice cream tacos: brown butter crepes!
how processed foods are killing you one bite at a time
a favorite salad of mine: grilled peach & arugula with gorgonzola & pancetta 
the peloton's power of food
soylent: what the heck is it?
paleo crush: sweet potato drop biscuits!
mini detox to rev up your metabolism
so cute! individual peach upside down cakes
best ways to detox your liver
Mmmm chocolate-fudge pops
the farmers almanac 2014 winter prediction is out (I'm moving to Hawaii!)
paleo crush: mexican rice bowls!
love this: everything you need to know about back pain (infochart)
can broccoli stop the onset of arthritis?
faux cronuts! (very quick & easy)
get your kleenex out: man, 96, enters song contest to pay tribute to his wife. (LOVE)
9 best foods for athletes
the best food tips I've ever seen
are you eating too little food on paleo?
how to take the perfect nap (you know you needed a chart for this!)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I would love to won. How about a chocolate chip cookie with choc or pb center.

  2. I love Chatham! We didn't get there this summer because we went to the Hamptons instead. But next year, we're not missing it again, Great White Sharks and all.

    I think Cruteaz should make a Chocolate or Vanilla with a Raspberry center (or strawberry, or both!).

    1. OK, WOW. That would be "Krusteaz" lol.

  3. I would love an oatmeal & dried cranberry or raisin cookie with a white chocolate filling. Or just a regular oatmeal cookie with either a fruit filling or a chocolate filling.

    Email is separate from the one used to comment: charysma88[at]hotmail[dot]com

  4. Great links as usual! Next flavor should be Funfetti cookie with whit choc center!

  5. white chocolate macadamia nut, with the white chocolate being the lava part.

  6. how about white chocolate chip with a raspberry center? Happy weekend!

  7. a classic cookie with a chocolate center, please!!!

  8. I'm surprised nobody has said peanut butter with a chocolate or peanut butter filling?! Or what about (going out on a bit of a limb here) some sort of graham cracker crust - like outside with a key lime filling?!

  9. Definitely all about peanut butter chocolate! But I think a fruity sugar one would be good too. That seafood dinner- major drool

  10. They should come up with a Dark Chocolate Cherry flavor... I'm thinking a cake version of those cherry cordial type candies.

  11. Dark chocolate with a very minty filling.

  12. They should do a peanut butter cookie with a chocolate center! Or vice versa :-)

  13. They should try a chocolate or chocolate chip cookie with a peanut butter filling or a chocolate cookie with a coconut filling.

  14. I would love a sugar cookie with a cinnamon filling!

  15. How about a vanilla cookie outside with an espresso filling.

  16. I would them to come up with a white cake with lemon curd filling. I would spinkle fresh bluberries on top.

    My email lesliegagne@att.net

  17. I think a peanut butter cookie with marshmallow filling!


  18. Snickerdoodle with a white chocolate cinnamon filling.

  19. Chocolate and PB because I am obsessed with it.

    Thanks for posting my Grilled Peach and Arugula Salad to your Friday Links - I love your blog and your recipes!

  20. I think a peanut butter cookie with chocolate filling would be a good addition, or even the reverse.

  21. Pumpkin spice cookie with a creamy center :)

  22. Red velvet cookie with a cream cheese filling!

  23. I would love a Snickerdoodle with gingersnap crust!

  24. I love the idea of chocolate and peanut butter...but also maybe a carrot cake-esque cookie with cream cheese filling. Oo! Or maybe a German chocolate cookie with the caramel-coconut frosting as a filling!

  25. molten vanilla creme with chocolate cake

  26. red velvet cookie with cream cheese filling!
    daniellex at gmail dot com

  27. So many choices! I think a sugar cookie base with a raspberry filling or for the chocolate lovers a chocolate with a chocolate chip/chocolate filling.

    BTW, love, love, love the Miley Cyrus pic. Awesome.

  28. I think maybe a cookie butter cookie with a caramel or white chocolate filling...

    Just curious... You always link to a lot of paleo recipes on the weekends, but then again, you post the most decadent definitely non-paleo recipes. I'm kind of struggling with wanting to go paleo, but then I just really like baking and eating! Do you eat mostly paleo and then "cheat" on occasion? I'd really love to know if there are foodies out there who can/are straddling both worlds. Thanks!

    1. I love paleo recipes! They are so creative these days!
      I mainly follow a paleo way with dairy and very little grains (one slice of museli bread in the am that's it).
      And when I treat myself I have ice cream or a burger.

    2. Thank you for letting me know. My sister-in-law is a strict paleo now; after having ground her own wheat for years, she doesn't do any grains or dairy, so I guess that's my look at it. But I like that you do mostly paleo with dairy, and "treat" yourself instead of cheat. That's a great way to look at it!

  29. I think a snickerdoodle cookie with a caramel filling sounds delicious!

  30. I will miss summer too. Until then, I'll enjoy what's left of it and work my butt off trying to get to California.

  31. Pumpkin & pecan, or chocolate & peanut butter

  32. I think the next one should be a chocolate cookie with peanut butter filling.

  33. Maybe something coffee? Mocha with cream filling or chocolate filling? Chocolate with espresso filling?

  34. I think I have to go with peanut butter, either as the cookie or the filling, with chocolate being the other. I would love to see some seasonal ones, though, like snickerdoodle cookie with a spiced caramel, or gingerbread with cream cheese.

  35. peanut butter cookie with a jelly filling!

  36. Peanut Butter cookie with a dark chocolate filling! Love that combo!

  37. I think a deep dish oatmeal cookie with a toffee filling would be great.

  38. Definitely Peanut Butter with chocolate filling....YUM!!!

  39. WOW! Dark chocolate outside with a raspberry filling.

  40. MMMM.....I think possibly a brown sugar type of "butter" cookie with a maple center sounds interesting.

  41. Pumpkin cookie with chocolate or cookie butter filling!

  42. I think a PB with a chocolate center, or maybe a pecan shortbread with chocolate.

  43. I'd like to see a red velvet cookie with a cream cheese center!

  44. Peanut butter with a peanut butter filling

  45. I think the next one should be cookies and cream - chocolate cookie with vanilla filling with cookie bits in it.

  46. How about s'mores?!? Chocolate and marshmallow :)

  47. Forget food...all I can think about is sharks...I lived in North Carolina for a decade and just loved the ocean but every moment think the music from Jaws was playing in my head!

    Regarding a flavor...will, I think it must be something with salt and caramel of course!


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