friday links + summer recipe roundup

I am so guilty of not baking anything this whole week.
I think it's the longest I've gone without turning on the oven.
Or maybe that was the winter blizzard?
Anyone else not in the mood to bake?
Grilling I can understand, but you literally have to wait till the sun goes down in order to grill
comfortably outside without needing massive amounts of Gatorade.

With all the wonderful summer produce around I thought I'd share some past recipes of mine, in case
you are, (unlike me), in the mood to bake.

chocolate covered strawberries
Next time you make chocolate dipped strawberries, add some sprinkles (or nuts!).
Crisp, clean, sweet, tangy lemon crunch bars.
Oh what a treat these are.
chocolate-banana vivanno (copycat)
Starbucks chocolate-banana smoothie copycat recipe.
I added some coconut too.
blackberry coulis ice cream w/ salty white chocolate-cream cheese swirls
Blackberry coulis ice cream with salty white chocolate-cream cheese swirls.
lemon & vanilla oreo ice cream
Lemon & vanilla Oreo ice cream
lemon cheesecake w/ lemon cookie-panko crust & white chocolate-raspberry ganache
Lemon cheesecake with raspberry-white chocolate ganache.
blueberry cake
Simple and tasty blueberry cake.
blueberry shortcake
My all time favorite summer eats (next to lobster rolls) is this blueberry shortcake.
You simply must make this at least once in your life. Heavenly!
peach & creme fraiche pie
Peach & creme fraiche pie!
blueberry, strawberry & toasted coconut pie
Blueberry & toasted coconut pie.
raspberry & cheddar hand pies
Raspberry-cheddar hand pies.
tomato pie with panko
And of course summer wouldn't be summer without my infamous tomato pie
This one has panko in it; nice little addition.

Around the web:
avocado salsa made with olives from whole foods recipe collection
peanut butter oat sandwich cookies made with salted honey buttercream
sour milk bread--which I've never heard of but sounds good
cassava patties from tastes like home
raspberry jam thumbprint cookies
easy cannoli cups (so cute)
oreo ice cream sandwiches
strawberry-buttermilk ice cream with candied peppercorns
gluten free goldfish crackers
greatest hot dog ever created?
fried tomato hoagie! yes please!
frozen smores!!!
one hour skillet focaccia
find inspiration in others from gabby & laird
boston mayor tom menino disgrace at Rolling Stone Magazine
jamie oliver is at it again, thankfully. campaign makes McDonalds change recipe
the best way to blind bake a pie--excellent video!
autoimmune disorders and sleep problems
12 foods to fight inflammation
hot fudge sundae cake

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. How do you always manage to make me hungry? I want that ice cream!

  2. The links to all your older cakes, i.e. 2009-10 are wonderful! I love looking back at posts like this and thanks for the heads up about the BB Shortcake that you love it so, so much!

  3. Sheesh, I must be in a mood to break all rules because everything you linked from your blog sure looks good! Hey, I can get away with that chocolate banana smoothie!
    And the goldfish crackers. They are on my list.
    Hope you're feeling hydrated and cool soon. ;)

  4. Lemon bars! Peach pie! It doesn't get any better than that.

  5. It's a good thing I'm one of those weirdos that still has the oven on all the time in summer because these recipes have me wanting to get in the kitchen asap!


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