chocolate-banana vivanno (copycat)


For the longest time (since last summer) I vowed to save money and figure out how to make those Starbuck chocolate-banana vivanno's at home. Little did I know that making them at home not only saves you a ton of money but that you pretty much come 99% close to the exact same drink.
Ripe banana, whey protein, cocoa powder, milk and ice. I also added in a bit of greek yogurt to thicken it up when I didn't have ice cubes on hand.
Tastes exactly the same as Starbucks.
So why not share with you all.
It's been my go-to morning drink all week.
I just love them. I've added coconut to it just for a little extra something something.


Nice and easy.

chocolate-banana Vivanno (copycat)
inspired from Starbucks
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1 banana
¼ cup plain greek yogurt
½- ¾ cup lowfat milk
1 scoop whey powder
½ - 1 TB cocoa powder (the amount all depends on your level of chocolate taste; I used double dutch ½ TB)
handful of coconut, optional but wonderful
½ cup ice (or more?)

Blend all in a blender until smooth. Top with additional coconut and serve.
Makes one giant smoothie.


  1. OK, let's do this. I'll come to your place to cook Mexican food and you are in charge of desserts, deal?

  2. Love the addition of coconut! It is so easy to make your own shakes and much cheaper.

  3. I've never had this at Starbucks and I don't even want to try theirs. I love this idea for breakfast or for a snack...right now:)xx

  4. This looks so delicious- even better than the kind at Starbucks! Homemade always beats store-bought, in my opinion.

  5. That sounds incredible! Times 100 : ).

  6. YUM! Dawn ive been making lots of smoothies I need to get some of that protien powder! Thanks

  7. All Starbucks drinks for me can be sucked down in 3.2 seconds. Hot, cold, iced, etc and it's like drinking 5 bucks in a minute and I just can't do it. Anything I can make at home like this...YES! Sounds awesome!

  8. A delicious drink! Yummy.



  9. Sounds like a perfect way to start the day! Yum!

  10. sounds good to me! and i've never even had the s*bux version ;)

  11. I love this, I'll do anything to stem the massive cash flow to Starbucks, and I bet your version is way healthier, anyway.

  12. What do you think would happen if you added a dab of natural creamy peanut butter?

    This looks so good and might even inspire me to make myself breakfast.

  13. the coconut is in no way optional for me--it's essential!

  14. I would not have pegged you as a protein shake kinda gal...but I suppose if it gives you an excuse to drink shakes for breakfast then why not!

  15. I don't frequent Starbucks, so I've never this, but it looks and sounds delicious. I have all the ingredients and will try yours first, but then maybe try almond milk instead of regular. :-)

  16. I had this, and a bowl of strawberries, for breakfast this morning. Delicious. :-) I plan to make it for lunch some warm day and add a shot of coconut rum.

  17. I'm working on a blog post about tastes we like as grown-ups, but didn't as kids and googled "chocolate vivanno" which brought me to this post. I am going to have to try a homemade version with coconut. This sounds so tasty! Thanks for sharing!!


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