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Happy Friday!

Here on cape cod we're in for a long stretch of cloudy, rainy days sadly.
Sun is hard to come by here.
If you're planning a trip to cape cod for July 4th, it will be overcast--for a while.
closing up for the day at craigville beach
Cute right?
Do you watch that show River Monsters?
I do and I cannot believe how daring jeremy wade is!
We kicked off the summer to a good start with Five Guys Burgers
My current reading from CakeLove Warren Brown.
CakeLove: how to bake cakes from scratch
CakeLove: in the morning
CakeLove: united cakes of america
I'l be doing an interview with him...have nay questions for him?

Around the web:
no-knead dinner dolls from averie cooks
8 foods you should always buy from mind body green
no-bake chocolate-peanut butter cookies from amateur gourmet
double chocolate-banana muffins from american heritage cooking
biotin: why you need it, what it does from worlds healthiest foods
iced oatmeal raisin cookie pie from serious eats
almond butter chocolate fudge from reboot with joe
homemade twinkies - the healthy version from chocolate covered katie
dark chocolate-peanut butter ice cream from keeping it kind
sausage burgers w/ sriracha-honey mustard sauce from girl carnivore
turn your blog into a book (info) from writers digest
how to transform stress into relaxation from positively positive
chromium: what does it do? from worlds healthiest foods
blueberry-lime cream cheese pound cake from the novice chef
frozen coconut macadamia bars from marks daily apple
how shirley jackson write "The Lottery" from slate
giveaway: enter to win a case of KIND bars from blisstree
what if GMO's were banned in the USA from organic authority
how to treat bacme from you beauty
duct tape surfing (get your kleenex out, this one is a tear-jerker in a good way)
iced coffee concentrate from cooking a la mel
chocolate peanut butter cup cheesecake squares from chocolate moosey
chocolate as sunscreen? from science daily
various types of oatmeal nutritionally the same? from worlds healthiest foods
how positivity reduces pain & inflammation from positively positive

As you know Google Reader is shutting down July 1.
My alternative is to use Feedly.
It's really easy to switch over to Feedly--they practically do it for you!
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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. eugh. this weather forecast is not good for my biking! some delicious links in there though ;) have a great weekend dawn!

  2. Um its rained here every day at some point for pretty much the last three weeks. CRAZY. Everyone is hoping today will be the day it doesn't rain at all! We also have rain in the forecast for the foreseeable future! I love those tshirts. I may use feedly...was planning on using blog lovin. Checking out the kind bar giveaway- thank yoU!!

  3. Thanks for linking up my no-knead dinner rolls! And For all these fun links. So many good ideas - so little time :)

    Ugh to the cloudy weather. I hope you have a great (pre) holiday week and weekend & get some baking in!

  4. I'm so glad you found me! Thanks for linking to my Double Chocolate Banana Muffins!

    Incidentally, I do watch River Monsters. Guilty. He is fearless and he does it all with such an adorable accent...I can't help but watch! Love your blog!

  5. I know about the clouds for sure. I thought summer was supposed to be sunny and amazing. Just another reason to move to CA! I started taking biotin awhile ago and have seen an improvement in my hair and nails, but my mom doesn't feel like it's done anything for her.


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