banana-sour cream ice cream (no cook)

Happy recipe accidents. (or should it be successful recipe accidents?)
That's what I'd like to call this one.
I had originally set out to create a banana sour cream ice cream recipe like the title says, but
halfway through the ingredient lineup I saw I did not have any bananas.
No sweat I thought, I'll just swap out for another fruit.
No other fruit found but blueberries.
Not truly in the mood for a blueberry- sour cream.
But as I kept searching for other recipe swap outs I saw a whole pack of banana pudding.
Ripped one open, tasted it and knew it would work.
Those puddings have a lot of flavor in them and a lot of sugar, so I minused a few tablespoons of sugar out of the custard base.
I don't like ice cream too sweet and didn't want to drown out the flavor of the sour cream.
Did I say this was no cook custard?
And no egg?
So for those times when you want ice cream fast because it's 90+ degrees with high humidity, keep this recipe bookmarked.
Another great part is that you can try and use any pudding flavor you like.
There are so many puddings out there.
If I was to give this another go I would try that double chocolate mint pudding.
What flavor would you try?
I used the swiss miss banana pudding (4 of those packs or 16 ounces worth)
I just love how easy this was to throw together.
If you don't want to use pudding you don't have to.
You can sauté a couple bananas up with a couple dashes of lemon juice, puree them with the sour cream and add into the custard mix.

banana-sour cream ice cream

1/2 cup sugar minus 3 TB
¾ cup sour cream, room temp.
1 ½ cup half & half
14oz. sweetened condensed milk
4 packs of banana pudding packs (about 13-16 ounces)
½ cup of chopped & toasted walnuts or pecans, optional

In a large bowl, mix everything together (not the nuts).  Make sure the sour cream is nice and dissolved, if not use a hand mixer to thoroughly mix.
Pour mixture into ice cream maker and follow manufactures churning directions.
Right before you remove the ice cream, add in the chopped nuts, if using.
Then continue mixing for about 30 seconds.

Makes about quart and a half.


  1. Brill last minute substitutions - you should be on Chopped! :D

    I'll trade you a bowl of ice cream for a slice of lemon tart?!

  2. I am all about the no-cook and the happy accidents and for discovering things like this! I made no cook ice cream with cream and sweet cond milk a few weeks ago and have another recipe for it coming out this week :) I bet the flavor of yours is just amazing!

  3. need an ice cream maker. need an ice cream maker.

  4. I definitely would not have thought to use pudding in place of actual custard! I love all the variety that is now at my fingertips.

  5. Loving everything about this! Especially the addition of the pudding cups

  6. You are one of the most creative cooks/bakers ever! Where is your food network show??

  7. This sounds delicious! Just wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a Giveaway...hope you enter! http://www.the-savvy-kitchen.com/2013/07/southern-living-magazine-giveaway.html

  8. I love thi Ice cream look absolutely heavenly!

  9. what a great save! i'm glad you were able to make ice cream, the humidity has been oppressive lately!

  10. This made my mouth water! I wish i have an ice cream maker!

  11. I have a huge weakness for pecans in ice cream, and I adore that close up overhead shot!!

  12. I love happy recipe accidents! This sounds delicious!

  13. the nuts are essential.
    pudding cups becoming ice cream? that's a serious stroke of genius, dawn.

  14. Note to self - I NEED to try this ice cream :)

  15. The ice cream looks terrific, but silly me -- when you said you had a pack of banana pudding, I pictured a box of the dry mix. I didn't catch on until I saw the photo of pudding cups. I've never had any so I don't even know what I'm missing. :((

  16. Oh yummy, I never thought about making ice cream with pudding! Neat idea.

  17. banana pudding is such a great idea. i'm sure it makes it super creamy. so yummy!

  18. No cook everything is key this week. I can't believe it's humid at the Cape too. Ugh. Now, onto the ice cream...it looks delicious! Love the pudding idea.


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