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I finally got to try Pinkberry for the first time.
We don't have any on the cape, but I was in place last week that had one.
And I was impressed.  Really good--now I know what all the rage is about.
This was the key lime with raspberries and coconut.
Allergy season is here!  Stinging Nettle: this is what I've been using for many years.
Every year around the beginning of March I start taking these right through to the end of August.
It works for hay fever and other allergies plus it has other medicinal benefits.
Do some research on "stinging nettle"--and you'll see.
And if you do start this or any herb, remember they do not work overnight; they take a while.
I share this with you because it truly works for me; I use to suffer badly from hay fever.
Finally tried the new Hazelnut Macchiato from Starbucks.  Wow that was good.
It's really sweet, so I ask for 1-2 pumps as opposed to 5, and have them use whole milk.
What makes it is that hazelnut drizzle on the top!
With ice cream season in full swing, I wasted no time trying the newest flavor from Ben & Jerry's: Candy Bar Pie.  Seriously, do I even need to explain how crazy-good it is?
Isn't this hilarious?  I can't remember where I got it, some where on pinterest.
There are two bridges that connect the mainland to cape cod, the sagamore bridge and the bourne bridge.
I was stuck in traffic on the top of the sagamore bridge (they are in the process of painting it so they had closed two lanes which causes traffic); I just had to grab a quick shot of the cape cod canal.  Rarely do I ever get to see the canal because I'm always driving and cannot get a good view.
Can you see how the canal curves out?  Pretty cool right?
We had one day, so far, with 70 degree temps; it was glorious.  After the winter we had, it was so refreshing to have full on sun and calm blue sea.
On sunny days you just have to take off, pack a lunch, and go to your favorite spot for the day.
Not a bad view for the day. No complaints here.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. you have great taste in coffee in ice cream! i need both now after those pictures.
    great links, too!

  2. I still can't believe that was your FIRST Pinkberry! Seriously - I think I was the one of the first ones to try it in Los Angeles over 7 years ago…at any rate, I just had the key lime about an hour ago! It's good!

  3. LOVE pinkberry! And I've got to try one of those hazelnut macchiatos!

  4. Key lime with raspberries and coconut - no wonder we get along so well! I've yet to try Starbuck's hazelnut macchiato, but the hazelnut syrup sounds dreamy (oh, the baking possibilities in that syrup!). 70 degree weather still feels like a memory from another life...hopefully spring will get it's act together, soon!

  5. You know I love your Friday Links. I have never tried Pinkberry either, but have always wanted to. Great flavor choice!

  6. I always love all your links. I fell in love with that banana coffee cake too. I wish it would be 70 here - it's still cold and awful :(

  7. Yayy for frozen yogurt! The flavor combo you put together sounds amazing. I"m not a hazelnut fan, but Josh loves it. I have to get him one of those. And I'll take any excuse to go to bucks. Beautiful beach pics

  8. i'm still very excited to have more coconut water in my life :) and i'm totally in on the raspberry-lime-coconut combo... did you see my macarons? in love!


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