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Happy Friday!
Happy Good Friday!
And Happy Easter to you as well.

Shall we get to my latest obsessions?
Alrighty then.
spicy mayo. yeah have you tried it?
it's so good I have to get it by the cup full.
I might be prone to drinking it straight up too.
Don't even get me started on this.  Lake Champlain Chocolate. Heavenly chocolates.
My favorite is the peanut butter, but this caramel is a close second.
And Lake Champlain you need to add a touch of salt to this. Seriously.
Cape Cod finally has a Panera Bread and I finally got to try the Cobb salad with extra avocado.
Tasty indeed.
Bob Marley iced coffee is good.  A bit sweet, but then again I don't like sugar in my espresso or coffee, but this was good.
Not too many preservatives or chemicals in there--which is good.
it's ice cream season!
And guess what?  The snow storms on cape cod have stopped!!
We also got a couple days of sun.
east dennis, ma
race point, provincetown, ma
harwichport, ma
race point lighthouse beach, provincetown, ma
harwichport, ma (one of the deep sea fishing ports)
so nice to be outside, on the docks and it's not bitterly cold.
can you imagine living here? harwichport, ma (wychmere beach club)

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Those caramel chocolates look amazing! Such lovely pics of the cape too :) Happy weekend!

  2. Have you tried baking with that chocolate? They should sponsor you do to do...just saying ;) I'm making matzo pizza!!

  3. That Meyer lemon mascarpone cake got my attention, too! Need it in my life, stat.

  4. Spicy mayo is so good. Love it. And that Lake Champ caramel looks incredible. I used their cooca powder when I made the healthy fudgy brownie bites - and thank you very much for the linky love!

    Have a wonderful weekend & Happy Easter! xoxo

  5. We used to make trips to Massachusetts when I was little - all good memories. Once we stayed in a charmingly-crooked seaside cabin, the little town and our crooked cabin reminded me of the movie Popeye (the one with Robin Williams!). I Loved it!! I cannot wait to return again someday. To this day, my mom still refuses to eat the so-called lobster rolls that are sold inland...she wants the real deal. :)

    I'm also crushing on that One Drop iced coffee! (Just downloaded a few Bob Marley songs - what took me so long?) :D

    Have a fabulous Easter, Dawn!! xo

  6. I am so hungry now! I want everything I see in this post but the sushi takes the cake.

  7. Yay! Sunshine! Spring is coming, right? Also you have me craving avocado! So green and pretty.

  8. I'll have to try the spicy mayo - it looks so tasty on your sushi. Love the photos of the coast... you live in a beautiful area.

    Thank you for that last photo & quote. I really, REALLY needed to see that.


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