cookie butter french toast

Sunday mornings, I love making breakfast.
Even if I'm dead tired.
I have the kitchen all to myself, it's quiet, and now that spring is supposed to be here on cape cod, the birds are starting to sing just outside my kitchen window.
I know this sounds like a set up for a great movie scene, but truth in fact, it's one the best times I great creative.  Well, that is, if I have enough espresso THEN the creative juices get flowing.
On sunday mornings I have hubby home in which to experiment my lastest breakfast creation.
Most creations he loves, some creations I can't tell him what it is for fear if he knows then he won't eat it.  Yes, he is a fussy eater--picky moreso.
I know, an all-around foodie like myself married a non-foodie.
Ask him what is cookie butter and he'll reply "it's cookies with butter in it".  Gah!
So when I set out to make a kicked up breakfast recipe, I rarely tell him what it is until he's halfway through the meal.  Like this dish I'll tell him it's "just" french toast!
He'll hear the words "french toast" and be cool.
Then a few bites later, he'll say "what did you do to it--it tastes different?"  Gah!!
I would love to know if any of you do this with your spouses or kids?
The inspiration for this came about at 2am on a sunday morning, I woke up starved and already thinking about sunday breakfast.  OK, and my obsession with cookie butter plays a huge part too!
My brain says "what haven't we done breakfast-wise with cookie butter?"  And here is where french toast came into play.
How would it work?
Simple make sure the bread is frozen, so we can spread the cookie butter on fairly easily.
Make sure you work fast dipping cookie butter coated bread into egg wash.
And make sure the butter coated frying pan is nice and hot!
It all worked perfectly.
(on the side of the french toast is my tomato-kielbasa hash which, if anyone is interested I can post the recipe?)
The frozen bread helps the cookie butter adhere better. Make sure to apply a thin layer of cookie butter.
(the person who owned our house before us, LOVED pink--it's everywhere in the house!)
Next time I make these I think I will use whipped cream.  The maple syrup was sweet, and really not needed as the cookie butter french toast was quite tasty on it's own.

cookie butter french toast

6-8 Slices of white or whole wheat bread, kept frozen
3 eggs
½ cup or so of milk
½ - ¾ cup of cookie butter
butter for frying French toast

maple syrup or whipped cream for garnish
chopped walnuts or pecans for garnish, optional

Get frying pan ready, you want it nice and hot. Cast iron (no grill) works best to give the cookie butter a nice sear and will help keep it adhere to the bread.
Make the egg wash by mixing the eggs with the milk; stir well.
Take your frozen bread and spread a nice thin layer of cookie butter on both sides.
Place the prepared bread on a plate, by the stove, next to your egg wash pan.
Place butter in heated frying pan, dip prepared bread in egg wash and place in heated frying pan.  Do not crowd the pan as we want to keep the pan nice and hot so it gets a nice sear and not that much cookie butter sticks to the pan.
Fry in batches and keep done French toast in a warm 200 degree oven.
Make sure to place more butter in pan as you fry each new batch of French toast.
Serve with chopped nuts and maple syrup.


  1. Just saw your tweet and came to your blog. However, I am unfamiliar with cookie butter.. Can you tell me more or direct me to find out about it?

    1. there are a couple versions of cookie butter.
      but basically it is ground up biscoff cookies made into a butter.

  2. I would love to spend Sunday mornings in your kitchen! (I'll have five pieces, please!) :D

  3. I love the tip of using frozen so that the cookie butter adheres. I kept thinking nooooo, all that glorious C.B. is going to just melt onto the pan but you were one step ahead. Frozen bread. Love it!

  4. Now this is a breakfast I could happily eat everyday of the week!

  5. Sunday morning breakfast is always a treasured moment isn't it? Your French toast looks fantastically indulgent - yum!

  6. This is looking like the best French Toast Recipe!! I am making these!

  7. i love a recipe that encourages frozen bread, which i always seem to have!

  8. I usually dont' tell the.boy what I've made until it's stuffed in his mouth also! He wouldn't so no to cookie butter though. Especially not for breakfast!

  9. I love Sunday mornings too! This looks so delicious, thanks for sharing!

  10. Please post the tomato kielbasa hash recipe. Ham kielbasa is in season right now with nice cubes of ham visible in the slices. They only bring it out for Christmas and Easter. Your French Toast is a great use of cookie butter. Instead of freezing the bread, I'll try doing it like stuffed French toast. We only ever have bread we need to slice, so it could be two thin slices held together with cookie butter, dipped and fried.

    1. I made the French Toast this morning and it was delicious. We had some walnuts and a little maple syrup (not swimming) and a couple of breakfast sausages. :-) We're retired so every day is Saturday and we weren't headed to the gym today.

    2. Oh Louise I should post it just for you. I know you love to try new recipes.
      The kielbasa hash is so good; it was thought up when I only had kielbasa and tomatoes in which to make breakfast; add in onions, a nice huge dollup of ketchup, tabsaco, and worchestshire (sp) and you've got it.

  11. ooh, how nice! the frozen bread trick is interesting, definitely will have to store that in the memory banks ;)

  12. You come up with the most creative recipes! Freezing the bread is such a good idea. My dad is a picky eater too but he'll try just about anything I make - not that he loves it all.

  13. wow. The french toast is unreal! What a feast!

  14. Easy, delicious and tasty! You are a foodie artist..

  15. Woah. Just woah. I clearly need to strap in before tomorrow's breakfast, because this will be on the menu and I already CAN'T WAIT. FOR REALZ. Fantastic recipe, girl!

  16. What a rich & festive biscof spread aka speculaas spread French toast! Yoy know that that Biscof spread from Lotus is a Belgian product? We love it too!

    I must make this on Easter morning as a nice brunch!! MMMMM8

  17. I would dig right in. What a great treat.

  18. french toast is our number one seller at brunch, and if we made it like this, i doubt anyone would ever order anything else! :)

  19. Wow you use it instead of butter? Phenomenal.

  20. I'm all out of cookie butter but I have plenty of frozen bread. You are killing me here!

  21. Tried this today, just a tip, don't get your pan super hot! I put it on medium-high, and it just insta-burned the cookie butter part while leaving the bread uncooked. I had it in the pan 30 seconds and they were black. I'd stay medium-low and take your time. I ruined breakfast :(


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