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Happy Friday!

Today I was able to see gorgeous waves AND a giant rainbow--all in one day.
Had to share them with you.

Nauset light beach in Eastham, MA.  Just one of my surfing buds out today.  Water temp. 64-66?  I think.

Nauset light beach again.  This is where I walk to strengthen my quads.  The sand is deep, yet soft, so it's easy on the knees.  Funny how this end of the cape was dark and cloudy and the other end was sunny.

And now closer to home, the rainbow we saw tonight was absolutely stunning and thick too.  Never saw a rainbow width that wide before (if that makes sense). This was taken at town neck beach--boardwalk side. 

Here is the other end of the rainbow.  Hard to see, but it's in the middle of the two houses.  This is when I wish I had one of those fancy zoom lens cameras.  The sunsets on cape cod are memorable.

Today is the last day of summer.  Booo.
I'm sad.  I'm a sun-loving water girl; I hate to see summer go.
When I was younger I loved the fall and loved the snow in winter
Now any weather under 80 degrees and I'm frozen.
Could be old age, who knows.  I do know for a fact, that come February I get a small case of the blues--SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
This is one of the reasons hubby is working so hard (god bless and love him) to get us back out to cali.
No snow there and plenty of sunshine.
I would be curious to know if any of my readers suffer from SAD?
What do you do to keep it at bay or minimize it?
I up my fish oil, stay outside more since they say even being outside even if it's cloudy the outside/sky illuminations helps the brain.

My friend has made coconut cupcakes with marshmallow creme frosting.  I adore coconut cupcakes.
She has one of those fancy schmancy cameras and is quite good with it too.

How 1-hour on Sundays will change your life.  What do you think?

Photo booth art from around the world.

Carole Feuerman sculptures. Hand painted resin sculptures that look exactly like humans.
You have to see her work.

How to make Jello worms (just in time for Halloween).

Interesting.  Saw this at Whole Foods.  Had no idea that Kale had that much Vitamin C.  Did you?

What your belly fat really means.

Why CrossFit is getting popular with women.

Oh I love this!  Getting the best hamstring stretch.

And for those of you who love to stretch moreso than working out, this new book maybe for you.  Ballet Beautiful.  I firmly believe that stretching is a great way to strengthen and tone up the body.

Ballet Beautiful is great book!  I highly recommend this if you want to be more flexible and want a change up from your yoga routine.  Definitely not as hard as the NYC Ballet Workout book.  Remember that one? Oh that was hard.

Read an interview with Jennifer Graham, author of "Honey, do you need a ride? Confessions of a fat runner". 

Learn more about the craze of this new book: The Whole 30: A Paleo Diet.


High levels of arsenic in our rice.  How sad is this? 

Slow cooker recipes that are fairly healthy. (I'm making the breakfast burritos!).

10 awesome bunkers (just in case the world ends). 

Gorgeous lighthouses from around the world. 

7 natural energy boosters! (I disagree with the bee pollen--I still think that is all hype). 

10 different ways to dress up your egg salad

Repel house flies with clove? 

Good food on a tight budget

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Gorgeous pics you took today and I know what you mean about wishing you had a certain lens at a certain time - invariably, whenever I leave my camera at home, that's when I see like 80899 super cool things all in like an hour :)

  2. I, too, think the bee pollen is hype. Regarding the arsenic & rice, Consumer Reports is just catching up ... http://www.nature.com/news/2005/050801/full/news050801-5.html Until DDT, arsenic was the pesticide of choice for lots of things like cotton, apple orchards, etc. http://soils.tfrec.wsu.edu/leadhistory.htm Unfortunately the residual stays in the soil. My house, in Pennsylvania, is on land that used to be one of the state's largest orchards. We've always had public water from a local artesian well, but homes in the next township had well water found to have high amounts of arsenic. :-(
    Personally I'm old and still love the change of seasons. We even go places where the seasons are even more extreme than our own. If I could afford it, I'd move to Trondheim, Norway.

  3. In france, a lot of people suffer from what you call SAD. It's very known. The less sunlight have something to deal with our bad feelings.
    I'm lucky : i live in the east south of france and there's a lot of sun.
    I understand each person who suffer from this "disease".

  4. Beautiful pictures!
    I'm with you on the SAD thing... I grew up in FL but now live in TN where there are actual seasons. Seasons are lovely, but the whole gray/brown vista takes a real toll on me by late January or early February. I try to be outside more during those months and run or hike or do SOMETHING cardio-ish several times a week. That, and my husband arranges for me to go "home" to FL for a few days when I start to turn into a grizzly after too many days without sunshine!
    On a side note, I had a dream last night where I was hunting down blue gummi bears. I wonder what that meant!?!

  5. I love those pictures, especially the first one with the rainbow! The 10 bunkers were pretty funky and I really want to make that diy pumpkin spice latte - yum!


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