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It's Friday.
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First off, here is an interesting article/interview from author Dr. Judi Hollis who wrote the book "From Bagels to Buddha, How I Found my Soul and Lost my Fat"

I love this kind of gardening. Makes it more cleaner, modern. This is a sunken-planter-buried pot garden from apartment therapy.


Sun dried tomato butter. Sounds so good. With corn on the cob? Oh yes.

Tips for hosting a "stress free" Al Fresco pot luck. The tips really are helpful; a couple I would have never thought of.

Here is a good list of 25 "no-bake" desserts. The good ones too. Not just crappy jello.

Isn't this chair gorgeous? They have other colors too. From johnlewis.com

Hand painted mural in silver & pink with butterflies. So pretty.


Why burnout is causing you to pack on the pounds.

Can't afford all those high-priced raw smoothies for cleansing/detoxing? Try this article: Cleansing tips for the rest of us.

22 Kettleball exercises.

10 different tips for relieving stress. (these actually make sense, I was shocked).

This is great. 47 skills you need for surviving home ownership. Excellent list. From This Old House.

unplugging the sink

Lemon ice box bars from bakeorbreak.com


Buffalo chicken sushi!! From closetcooking.com

Buffalo Chicken Sushi 500 3756

Here is a great video of earth from space. One of my favorites to watch when I've had a really bad day. Everything is real, nothing is enhanced. Look for the lighting at night.

Famous actors and their stunt doubles. The Angelina one is not even close.

Cantaloupe and campari ice pops! from flavorwire.com

Chickpea fries. From flavorwire.com

Do you love tiki bars and tiki theme? I do. Everything you need to know about tiki bars. Love this.

8 kinds of food poisoning and how to avoid them.

List of Summer Reads (just click on image for info):

Have a great weekend!


  1. love the chair and off to open up about a dozen links...happy friday and have a great weekend :)

  2. You know I adore this post :) Going to check out the stress relief tips and that garden is gorgeous

  3. That Buffalo Chicken Sushi sounds interesting. Thanks for the link!

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