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What's everyone making for St. Patricks Day?

I found a few ideas for you.
First one is my favorite: hoisin glazed corned beef with hoisin-ginger reduction, served over spicy sauerkraut relish. Don't let the long name scare you into thinking it's hard to make--its not! A very tasty dish, AND the leftovers make incredible sliders with a nice creamy coleslaw.

hoisin glazed corned beef with a hoisin & ginger reduction

Maybe a reuben calzone?

Cheesy Reuben Calzone

Maybe some reuben bread from recipe girl? With step by step instructions?


Or how about corned beef grilled cheese sandwich with Guinness caramelized onions! From Kevin at Closet Cooking. Man, that's just insanely good looking. I think I'm making this one just for the Guinness caramelized onions.

Guinness-chocolate pudding! Let's have dessert first.

Guinness Chocolate Pudding 500 8688

How about a sweet & salty Guinness chocolate pie from SprinkleBakes.com ?

Sprinklebakes guinness chocolate pie with pretzel crust

I adore iced oatmeal cookies when it's a think, crispy cookie with generous amounts of iced frosting. From Bake-Aholic.com


If you ever have leftover donut munchkins, here's a great way to use them up: Donut Chips! Love this idea. From Kate over at framedcooks.com

donut chips

Need a step by step guide on how to make "the perfect Irish Coffee"?

Cheddar-chive Guinness Bread.

An easy recipe for homemade colcannon soup from she's in the kitchen.

Here is a great way to naturally dye Easter eggs. None of that awful food coloring needed! This is great for kids.

I had to share this one: sweet little lumbar pillows for your office chair. I'm defintiely getting the black one from Brookstone--it looks like it's perfect for my chair. How many times during the day do I take my arm and rest on the backside of my lower back because of pain.

List of the best narrated audio books. I would love to listen to Tina Fey's "Bossypants"

Brownie Roll ups!

Cauliflower crusted pizza.

A mock tuna salad? Made with chickpea's. Fabulous idea.

Need to ripen an avocado fast?

Rocker Gene Simmons opening a chain of restaurants? Rock & Brew.

Want to increase your Twitter followers? Here are some excellent tips.

Cupcake nail art. Not for me, but still cute; gotta admire the attention to detail.

New human species? Could this be true? Not homo sapiens nor neanderthal. Very interesting.

Easing eye strain with "optical aerobics"

What I'm curiously reading these days.....what do you think of the whole Paleo craze? Work for you?

Top instant noodles from around the world. Some of them are very odd indeed.

On my "to create" recipe list: Black Pepper Tofu (it's the photo that captured my attention).

Want to know about food, drugs, health, market withdrawals, and other recalls? This is a very handy little website.

Cruelty free beauty products. LOVE THIS.

Have a great weekend kids!


  1. Donut chips?! i am so intrigued... happy weekend

  2. I'm eating some soda bread. Thats all I know! Totally going to check out the natural egg dye- thank you for that link!

  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  4. These are some seriously fun st. paddy's day links! I think you'd also really like my Irish Car Bomb Moon Pies :P

    I've read a lot about the paleo diet but I could never do it...not veg friendly AT ALL. It's an interesting concept though!

  5. Donut chips..YES please, I'll take at least 2 bags :)

    I love all your linkups from food to articles...time to get click-happy :)

  6. Un délicieuse palette
    Je te souhaite un excellent WE

  7. Erin go brag. All great ideas!

  8. Great roundup of St Patrick's Day recipes!


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