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Here on cape cod we've been blessed with a good amount of gorgeous weather this winter. The complete opposite of last winter, which was full on snow and no sun. This winter we've had above normal temps. good amount of sun and about four inches of snow so far. Last year at this time we had already received over 57 inches of snow. Crazy extremes. When the sun is out I do my very best to get to the beach as much as possible.
One day I was lucky enough to tag along for clamming.


Steamers for dinner!

This is north chatham, ma.


Off in the distance is the infamous Nauset Beach, but before that, there is the small island sanctuary called Tern Island. And yes, this is the same Nauset that hooks up with other end of Nauset Beach down by the national seashore. Nauset Beach, used to be one long piece of beach, but a few winters ago a part of the beach broke/breached. For those who love history of beaches (like me) you can read more about the breach, and history of the beach click here. There are summer homes over there, no electricity or power. The homes are few, and very minimal. From what I've heard from the natives, it's like going back in time over there; gas lanterns, fishing poles, books, and minimal furniture is about it. One four wheel drive vehicle for the island and people to use to drive around in--no other cars there. Hard to rent one that's for sure. I hope to get a ride over there one day this summer--fingers crossed. I haven't found much info on Tern Island though....still looking....

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Speaking of cape cod, I've become obsessed with these giant oat cookies, aptly named: Salty Oats made by Kayak Cookies. Almost a quarter pound cookie that is oatmeal cookie with raisins and a touch of salt. Heavenly cookie indeed. They are made here on cape cod (originally started in DC) and are sold in most businesses on cape cod and almost all whole foods in Massachusetts. Growing in popularity simply because of their taste and short list of wholeness ingredients. I've already started my quest to make a suitable clone. Have you tried these cookies?


After my post about the peanut flour peanut butter cookies a couple people asked about other uses for peanut flour. For me, I just look at what recipes that use flour, can we use peanut flour instead? A few other tips found here too.

My latest salad dressing obsession can be found here.

Did you know you can clean copper with lemon and salt? I didn't.

Linen sheets have always gotten a bad, scratchy rap. But apparently not here. Do you like them?

Do you compost? Here's a helpful guide.

My latest cookbook obsession?

At first I was a little intimidated by this book thinking it might be too hard because it is from an acclaimed Norwegian pastry chef Sverre Sætre, but no actually the recipes are very easy to follow.
And as a little treat they show you how to make your own marzipan--and guess what? It's super easy. I never knew. Chef Sverre has 50 recipes in side and each recipe has it's own color photograph. For me, that's the most important part--I need to see the finished product and am really not fond of cookbooks that give you only a handful of photographs. This Norwegian cookbook is a treat, if you've ever wanted to step out of your comfort zone and try a few Norwegian delicacies, this would be it, as it's not hard to follow and won't have you running around town looking for crazy ingredients you can't find or pronounce.

Picnik collage45

Many women are low on iron. Did you know that liver is very high in iron? LOL I knew that, but I still won't eat it.

Have any of you started canning? I remember a few of you said you were doing some this winter. How about pickled carrots? They actually sound really good.

I do love that kneadless bread is all the rage. Especially when it's got cheese in it.

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life is like for a location scout? Fascinating.

And for those who are still curious about canning. Here is a well-written beginners guide, with a brief history too.

Onion and black pepper scones. Gluten free too!

The kettlepizza. I really want one of these, just in time for summer. What a great idea.

Foodie pick up lines. Cute very cute.

Need new slippers?

Ways to boost up your salad dressings.

Have a great weekend!


  1. thanks for the pics of your corner of the world...love looking at them.

    And canning, and pickling, and those links, nice. If I had more time, I'd love to perfect my skills with both of them.

    Linen sheets, never use them. Liver, never eat it!

  2. Gorgeous! Did I tell you I am traveling to the cape in October? My friend is getting married. Maybe we can meet for coffee. Glad you've been enjoying the weather!

  3. I teach the safe practices of canning, pickling, drying, etc. of high and low acid foods. I'm a Penn State Master Food Preserver, trained by the Food Science professors at Penn State.

    I'm also a Master Gardener and among other things, compost.

    I've loved sauteed calves liver and fried onions since I was a small child. I know, very strange ;-)

  4. Just began reading your blog after finding a recipe on pinterest. I the Salted Oat cookies. First tried them at Teaism in DC but I live in Central PA so I also needed to make some good ones. This Post recipe is very very close. http://projects.washingtonpost.com/recipes/2007/06/13/salted-oatmeal-cookies/ I use 3/4 c. wheat flour and 1 c white to more closely match the real ingredients listed on the package. And Kosher salt not sea. Would love to hear what you come up with!

  5. Kneadless bread with cheese...sorry, I just can't get past that deliciousness!

  6. Can I come and be your neighbor? I would love to live there!!

  7. So much good stuff in here Dawn! Glad you have had an easier winter than last. xo

  8. I love your fun stuff posts. I end up clicking on everything!

    Bet the water was cold!

  9. We go razor clamming here on the coast in Oregon... yum!

    I really want to start canning but I have been intimidated by it. I need to just do it!

    I grew up eating liver and I hated it... I will NEVER cook it in my house. I'll get my iron somewhere else. UGH.

  10. Hi - I'm a bit new to all this. I just love to cooking & being in the kitchen. I was wondering what type of confection is pictured at the top of the home page? It looks delicious! I must have a go at making some - if you could furnish me with the recipe I would be very grateful!

    Cheers - Keithypete. (England)


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