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Happy Friday!

I was asked to try Cappellos gluten free, grain free, and vegan chocolate chip cookie.
Oh yeah, I was very skeptical. There is NO way this will taste good, but I'll be nice and
give it a go.
Let me just say how wrong my ill-conceived notions were about these cookies.
They are so good! No, exceptional.
There is NO way you will notice they are gluten free let alone vegan and grain free.
Seriously the best gluten free cookie I've ever had.
They bake up crisp outside and a little bit chewy in the middle.
I asked my husband, and a couple friends to try them. After they asked me for the recipe,
I asked them did you know those cookies were vegan, gluten free AND grain free?
"no way!" they said. So there's your proof on how good they are.
My only regret? I only wish they sent me more.
Where can you find Cappellos Cookie Dough? Online and Click here.
Next week I'll share with you a recipe using their grain free & gluten free pasta.
This is going to be good!
This one nearly scared me to death!
As I was leaving the house, I could have sworn I saw something in the sliders as I was going out the back door.
Get outside and boom! there she is?
I carefully and quietly turn on my camera because you know I have to get a photo of this, all the
while thinking 'please don't leave, please don't leave, just one photo!'
As soon as the first "click" noise of the camera taking a photo goes off, she bolts, and I mean bolts!
Can you see her taking off? Fast as lightening baby!
Last Saturday was a gorgeous day on cape cod.
That blue color.....
And then we had the most beautiful sunset.
I love Sunday morning diner food.
And yes, I like to have a side of home fries with my home fries.
The latest batch of blueberries from Driscolls is wild.
Look at the size of them?  Wild.
This fool.  I was just waiting for him to fall in.  He didn't thankfully.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I've been curious about that brand of cookie dough! So glad to know it's worthy. Can't wait for your other reviews!

    Beautiful sunset, for sure.

    Happy Friday/weekend, Dawn!

  2. Those cookies sound amazing. I might try them someday.

  3. Gorgeous pics as always! I love taking pics of wildlife and am for sure always like please don't leave.

    I haven't eaten before bed in years and years. Helped me drop 30 or so pounds. Brush my teeth and put in my retainers after dinner and that's that.

  4. Glad you got the deer on film! Great pics today.
    Caffeine: Well, I'm not about to be pregnant, so no downside for me.
    No eating at night? I know tons of people with acid reflux...that's the #1 rule.
    Funny fallen cake pics. :)
    Re stress reduction: chew gum? Is there anything worse than watching someone chewing gum? Would I remember (in my old age) to spit it out before I leave the house? Get a dog? Not at my age. Told my kids....we've all had tons of animals, don't want the responsibility of one anymore. Don't get me one for Christmas. if you do, you'll be responsible when I kick off.
    Move to Switzerland? Who makes these lists?
    Saw that blooming apple thing...even saved it. Thought it was a super yummy idea. Haven't tried it yet.
    I'm totally on board for the Milky Way marshmallow. OMG.
    Re the chefs: my heart cries. Get a grip...who said dealing with your own business is easy?

    Weekend here is lovely; low humidity (long may it last), coolish in the AM, even if it does hit mid 80's...it's a teeny sign of fall. Pulled a muscle in my back doing Zumba. Really nothing to do but rest it. What am I doing in that class anyway? My old body doesn't do those moves anymore. When will I learn?
    (Oh well, it gives me time to read your Friday links! :) )

  5. I love that a deer just walked through your yard... sadly, that doesn't happen here in the city. I LOVE that photo of the sky & the lighthouse. Pretty!!! The sunset's not so bad either.


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