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Oh boy, have you tried the Halloween themed coconut milk bars from So Delicious?
They are so good. Chocolate dipped top with creamsicle bottom.
I ate the whole box in one sitting.
Found at Whole Foods Market.

I cannot get enough of these new protein chips from Quest Nutrition.
And you know even my 'potato chip loving' husband now eats these instead of the greasy alternative.
My favorite is the cheddar-sour cream.
Cheat clean indeed and zero guilt. Can't recommend these enough.

A while back I wanted to see if a cake mix would "muffin". It did.
And now I wanted to see if a cake mix would "bundt" and it did. Well that's a no-brainer really,
but I wanted to see if a cake mix would bundt with a filling in the middle and yes it does.
The filling is cream cheese, an egg and some pecans. I used the Duncan Hines golden butter cake mix--any flavor will do really.

I was asked to try the new cast iron grill pan from Bobby Flay at Kohls.
I'm happy to say I love it, it's square and it fits just perfectly on my stove top.
The handle is far better and the best part? It's not as heavy as other cast iron pans.
It makes the best grilled cheese too!

NY-style pumpkin crumb cake to fill that crumb cake + pumpkin craving.
That's a lot of crumb!  Yes, yes it is.
NY Style Pumpkin Crumb CakeNY Style Pumpkin Crumb Cake

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am getting those ice cream bars!! I want to make the roast beef recipe for J and the mini pumpkin pie cookies for me ;) Happy Friday!

  2. So glad that you too found the So Delicious bars at Whole Foods! I found and bought the last box that was at my Whole Foods, haha.

    Happy weekend to ya!

  3. I'm posting a nutmeg tart next...wonder if it's the same recipe? Going to check.
    Can anybody really think they are perfect? Who would even want to be? Everyone would hate you for one thing. No wonder they're depressed.
    The cc cookie chart was interesting. I've only made a couple I think are great...both were crisp on the outside, chewy inside.
    Re eggs: did you read that you should boil them with a cloth towel wrapped around them + some baking soda? Never tried that or read that before. Sometimes I wonder at my age that any idea can be new...but yes, it can.
    I'm not going to read Adulting because in step 329, she says waiting on. I HATE that. You can't be waiting "on" anything. You can be waiting FOR however. My bug a boo.
    Glad I went ahead with the knee arthroscopy. So many people suggested acupunture. Daughter included. Knee is not perfect and won't be until I have it replaced, which I don't want to do, but was not looking forward to a bunch of needles stuck in it. I am such a wimp.
    I saw those pumpkin slice cookies on Pinterest...so cute.
    Were those skulls the real McCoy at the Lizzie Borden house? How gruesome.
    I've snorkeled with mantas...they seem friendly enough. Caution is always the byword.
    The five things never to say to cancer patients (which I'm glad you linked)....most are things everyone says. You know, by the time you read all these things you're not supposed to say to people, there's not much left. Life ain't perfect...people are only trying to be kind. I'm of two minds re this subject and I know several women right now having chemo.
    If that Ebola thing was put out by the CDC, I don't believe a word of it. They have NO idea what's going to happen or if it's going to mutate. I also hate they are comparing how this is handled with the AIDS epidemic. Not so.
    I broke up over the mascara reviews. Too funny.

  4. Wow! Longtime reader here and SO excited to see you mentioned temporal tap. That is a real thing and is AMAZING. Donna's Eden Energy Medicine and also EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are game-changers. And guess what, they are free, easy and require no prescriptions.

  5. I can't wait to try those candy corn ice pops!

  6. Should I refrigerate eggs? Maybe maybe not. Am I going to continue to do so? Hell yes!


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