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Happy Friday!

I'm really trying hard to pretend that summer is still here and that it's not 60 degrees outside.
Ok it's sunny and I should be thankful, but we had such a great summer weather-wise and it's really hard to let it go. It's like September came in with real Fall temps, normally we get a September with summer temps and it's lovely because we get more summer!
Looking ahead at the weather, we are having 40 degree nights next week?
No, no, not ready. It was just 80 degrees, humid and we were all having a wonderful swim in the ocean.
And with that said, I have more recent ocean photos for you, I know you love these and always ask me for more.  Enjoy!

south yarmouth, ma

Enjoying the ocean one more time before the real chill of fall sets in. Dennis, MA

Dennis, MA
Macarons are so pretty (and tasty). From Whole Foods in Hyannis, MA.

PicMonkey Collage (1)
The new Hello Kitty Baking Book is out!
And it's so cute.  I mean seriously, the cutest cookbook I've seen.
By Michele Chen Chock a self-taught baker and the creator of I Heart Baking: a popular baking blog with a heavy dose of Hello Kitty desserts. She is also the original creator of the Hello Kitty macaron. Her work has appeared online for publications such as Glamour, Wedding Bells, and The Huffington Post. She lives in California with her husband and three young kids.


The light of summer is changing :-(

Never seen a black heirloom--have you?

The new Tory Burch backpack bag is out. And she's gorgeous (and pricey).

Yoga frogs. I seriously almost bought these but was held back by the price.
But I could have my morning coffee with these two everyday, couldn't you?

Three foot Buddha.  Yes please.

PicMonkey Collage
Have you seen the new Duncan Hines fall baking lineup?
The caramel-apple cupcakes are pretty good.
Plus they are so easy to make into whoopie pies too (recipe on the side of the box).
Just follow the directions and add a pinch of salt to the frosting, and a handful
of chopped pecans to the cake batter.
I also baked them a bit longer to get crispy edges.

around the web:

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love these 'twist & detox' yoga moves
chorizo cheese puffs!
homemade apple cider donuts (this is the only thing I like about Fall)
how to make paris brest
peanut butter chocolate bundt cake (this is being made Saturday--can't wait!)
smokey roasted chickpeas
pumpkin spice Oreo is coming!
how to bake perfectly round cookies
homemade chocolate hazelnut spread
sweetened condensed coconut milk
healthy fruit/veggie smoothie for good skin
how do you grow giant pumpkins?
savory tomato-thyme shortbread crackers

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm sorry to see summer go, too. Thanks for linking to my peppermint patty tart! Happy weekend to you!

  2. wow! i love your recipe! great job! Btw. I really like your site! I'm going to visit your blog very often!

  3. I know! I need summer back. We didn't even have a very nice summer. Only ran out sprinklers like 3 times. Days of downpours. Next week looks a little nicer and 60s look like they stick around into October but still.

    Thanks for the protein link. I always wonder if I eat enough. And I have already said 6 of those pumpkin spice oreos have my name on them :)

  4. Re: Friday Links
    Travel habits link was interesting and not so surprising considering the economy. Along the same lines, the knee defender is causing more problems than it's worth. I bet the airlines ban them.
    Loved the 11 secrets. Had no idea expiration dates meant nothing.
    The life hacks list was fabulous. Will save that site to desktop.
    Selfie brush? Puhleeze.
    When I clicked on the peppermint tart, I was once again astounded at how many food bloggers there are out there...and who has time to read them all? We seem to have our favorites (the same loyal group comments each new recipe) but I rarely take the time to troll new sites.
    I agree with the protein eating.
    Please make those pumpkin oreos easy to find. The much touted gingerbread oreos were nowhere to be found last year.
    Could anything be more fabulous than sweetened condensed coconut milk? Going to buy some ASAP. OMG.


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